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In one of the bedrooms, James and Danielle talk, and James refers to their little alliance, which is called the "Legion Of Doom." She explains that, much like she did with Jason, she uses James to bring back information about the S6 group and what they're up to. Elsewhere, James has a whispered chat with Mike, and apparently Mike and Will are the rest of the Legion Of Doom (ick). James thinks that this might be their week to step up. Well, one would think. Mike DRs that it's awesome that Danielle is HoH, and that he "would buy a ticket" to be at the nomination ceremony. If, you know, he weren't already contractually obligated to be there, I guess. Mike comments to James that it's funny how the cocky attitude of S6 shifted, and James shrugs. "You reap what you sow." This incisive point is illustrated by Janelle sitting at the counter and moping. And, I guess, reaping.

Filler segment: Turns out that Will tried to lift Mike after the last PoV competition, and he threw his back out like an old man. "When you're eating ketchup for dinner," he explains in the DR, "it doesn't give you a lot to work with, and it doesn't give you a chance to heal." He doesn't mention that he's pasty, aging, and only used to lifting bony starlets. In one of the bedrooms, Will is griping about his sore back, and Kaysar offers to try a chiropractor trick. Will assumes that he is to lie on his stomach, but Kaysar says no, he has to lie on his back face-up. This makes them both kind of nervous, in an I'm-not-gay-or-nothin' kind of way. As Kaysar says in the DR, this is basically something he saw somebody do once, and he figured he'd try to imitate it. Pretty much the same training most chiropractors have, as I understand it. Kidding! Don't email me!

Basically, this "trick" involves Kaysar lifting up Will's knee and pressing it across his body as hard as he can, while sort of putting all his weight on it and thus lingering very close to Will's face. Will pronounces the move "gay," and for once, he doesn't mean "gay" in the playground sense. He means it matter-of-factly, in a "having you lean over me like we're about to make out feels vaguely gay" sort of way. Kaysar characterizes it in the DR as "awkward," in that Will had no shirt on and so forth, and he was sort of hovering right over him. In other words? It was a little gay. Will repeats to Kaysar that he finds it "very homosexual." I have a feeling quite a number of viewers looked at that and made remarks along the lines of, "You think that's 'very homosexual'?" Kaysar responds by asking, "Is it working?" This question, of course, is sent to Will by the God Of Comedy Setup Lines, and if Will hadn't been so uncomfortable, he'd have done a better job with it. What he says is, "It's making me very uncomfortable, like I'm going to get touched by a man in my bathing-suit area." I do enjoy the expression "bathing-suit area." Kaysar finally climbs off him and says, "How do you feel?" "Terrible!" Will says with disappointment. Everyone laughs, especially Kaysar. That almost never happens. "I'm not sure where he went to chiropractic school," Will says of Kaysar, "but I bet it wasn't in the United States, if you know what I'm saying." Oh, Will. I do.

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