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Morality Takes A Holiday

Not long after, with 2:35 elapsed, George finally drops. Everyone applauds the effort, which they can afford to do, because they have no respect for him, so he doesn't make them feel threatened, so they can all afford to be generous. It's really heartwarming in its ice-cold inhumanity, if you think about it.

So now, it's Danielle, Howie, and Erika. Howie tells us that "it was a battle." Danielle starts to say she's just too uncomfortable, and she tells Erika she's dropping. But after she has already dropped an arm and a foot, she says, "No I'm not," and she puts herself back up. She says in the DR that it was for real -- she was thinking that she was going to drop, and then she dug a little deeper. The spectators love it, cheering and hooting for Danielle. Erika, on the other hand, looks like she isn't bothered at all. Erika tells us she's a Pilates instructor, so once she was set, she felt like she could hang for a while. Howie is hurting, and James tells him that after all his bitching about endurance competitions, he'd better "put up or shut up." Janelle DRs that Howie was the only remaining hope to keep her alliance in charge for the week. Despite the fact that Howie is obviously about to fall anyway, Danielle and Erika decide to promise him that he's safe with either one of them. Why? He's falling. You don't need a deal. But having secured a deal with both of the women on the web, Howie drops. 2:45 elapsed. "They broke the Jedi down," Howie says in the DR. Dear Howie: You are about two comments away from dressing in costume and appearing at conventions. I'm juuuuust saying.

Once Howie is gone, Danielle tells Erika, "Give it to me." Never one to make waves, Erika says, "You got it, Dan," and gets down. I totally thought that she was going to outlast Danielle. When Danielle drops to the ground with the victory, she goes into a fist-pumping, arm-flexing, hollering routine. It's just as irritating as Janelle's usual "Eeee!" bit when she wins, despite being the polar opposite. Erika tries a couple of times to give Danielle a hug, but Danielle doesn't see her, which is one of those things that's cringe-creatingly embarrassing, despite not being that big of a deal. For some reason, unsuccessful congratulatory hug-seeking is like seeing someone's underwear fall down around her ankles. It's like an uncompleted high-five. (Shudder.) Danielle names herself the "black widow." Danielle gets the key from Janelle and hugs Mike. Sheesh. Now she has to delouse.

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