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Back outside, Will comments on the "eye of the tiger" on Chicken George, and how impressive it is. I don't think anyone anticipated that George would last very long in this phase. Mike, on the other hand, lets out a battle cry. He tells us in the DR that he was "exhausted and beat," so he decided to drop and take his chance on the egg. Will DRs that Mike had no need to win HoH, and that Will has taught him, if nothing else, to "play smarter, not harder." In Mike, there is very little tiger and very much chicken. As Mike lies on the mat, lamenting his fate, Kaysar drops, so in order to beat him to the eggs, Mike gets up and walks over. Mike picks an egg, and he walks away with $10,000. He grumbles about it, acting like he's all upset that he isn't HoH, but to no one's surprise, in the DR, he explains that he was acting, because unlike almost anyone who has ever won a car on Survivor, he has figured out that crowing about the big prize that you just won and everybody else just didn't win does not make people kindly disposed toward you. He has certainly learned a lot from sitting around shitty bars with former jury members. The egg Kaysar chooses is rotten, so the only one left is the slop pass.

Danielle tells us that she started to feel hopeful at somewhere around this point that she might actually win. In other news, several houseguests point out to George that the slop pass is in the last egg, so he should really drop and take it before somebody else does, so that he can eat for the week. He refuses. George tells us that he wasn't focused on the egg -- he was focused on trying to win. I admire him for wanting that so badly, but I really don't think it was ever going to happen, and they have a point that eating for a week would be a huge benefit to him.

Meanwhile, Howie is thinking about a negotiation so he can drop before he dies. I never understand this, because why would anyone negotiate with you when you're on your last legs? The person who has the leverage to ask for a deal is the person who it appears can last longer. That person is in a position to say, "I will give you HoH if you promise not to nominate me." Such deals aren't very useful, but that's when you can sensibly ask for one. You have no leverage in what are clearly your final moments. Nevertheless, Howie asks Danielle whether he's safe with her, and she says he is, presumably not to make waves. But this is all interrupted when Marcellas drops at two hours and 25 minutes and goes to collect the slop pass. He also kicks a gross prop egg with sludgy crap in it, almost getting James all icky. That is probably about the biggest display of pique you're ever going to see from Marcellas that doesn't involve shaking his finger at someone as his robe flaps behind him.

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