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Morality Takes A Holiday

Ah, there are those crickets.

Will says that he wanted to take the opportunity to spend time with Janelle alone, because her alliance is coming apart, and he wants to be there to capitalize. He is definitely a guy who would hit on you at a funeral. Like, your husband's funeral. Or possibly your own funeral. Janelle asks Will whether he thinks people are still mad at her (shut UP), and he says they aren't. I can't tell you how much it bugs me that, in addition to the stupid baseball jersey, Will has a baseball cap that says "Chill Town." That name is utterly swiped from seventh grade, and I feel like I'm staring into people's unhappy childhoods. I never think that's fun. They discuss the fact that the competition is going to go on for a long time, and Will tells her that he looked around and realized there were several people he didn't think he was going to beat, so he just decided to give up, rather than spend hours up on a spider web. True? You make the call. Will then tells Janelle that if he survives this week and next week, then he, Mike, Janelle, and Howie will all protect each other and go to the end. Cutting out Kaysar, are we? There's an interesting proposition. If she's thinking, "Not without my pal, you don't!", she's certainly not saying that to Will.

At 58 minutes, the houseguests move around as the web is shifted in position so that they have to keep adjusting. Danielle says that she doesn't want to see S6 people in the HoH room anymore, so somebody else needs to win. It's also going to save a lot of pink bunnies from being skinned, so you know that their trade association is lobbying hard.

At two hours elapsed, Janelle goes outside and tells them all that, as many anticipated, they now have to hang from the web from their arms and legs from underneath it. As he's moving, James drops his feet through the net and winds up just hanging by his hands. Dramatic! And that takes us to commercials.

When we return, James swings his feet back up so that he's repositioned. It's very close to a rule, of course, that whatever the moment before a commercial suggests might be about to happen on a show like this, it's not going to happen, so if you were surprised by that development, you need to go back to the remedial class, which starts with a module about The Dating Game. James then DRs that he looked around and decided he felt pretty safe with the people on the web. He mutters this to Danielle as she hangs next to him, and she tells him to let go, then. Which he does, and he drops to the ground. He strolls over to pick out an egg. His turns out to contain the ability to nullify an eviction vote.

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