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Kaysar And The Stack Of Greenbacks

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Morality Takes A Holiday

Before commercials, we are warned that next week will be Prom Night. I don't even want to know what that's going to mean.

When Julie comes back from commercials, she's got the houseguests all lined up in the backyard, and she tells us about the special power, and that whoever wins will have the ability to overthrow the HoH and replace nominations "in any of the next three" eviction ceremonies. Nobody but the winner will know what the power is until it's used. We go into the backyard, and she tells the houseguests only that they will win it by watching for a few days for clues to "a well-known phrase that applies to the Big Brother game." Whoever gives the right answer in the diary room first will win the power -- but she doesn't tell them what it's going to be, and she will only tell the winner what the power is after they learn that they've won it. Julie sends them inside the house to look at their first clue, which is a sheep. With a pink bow around its neck. Make of that what you will, but try to forget that they're stranding the sheep with Handsy Howie.

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