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Morality Takes A Holiday

When we return? The past is coming back to haunt everyone. That doesn't sound good. For me, among other people.

When we do return, Julie tells us that there are "ghosts" that have been haunting the house all week. We first see Erika sitting at the dining-room table when she sees Alison in the two-way mirror, holding a red flashlight under her chin. Nobody believes her when she reports this, though. My favorite one comes when Janelle sees one of these "ghosts" in her room and screams and screams and screams. I think she's still upset. People continue to see faces, and they continue to scream, and it all continues to get more and more silly. And then "ghostly" images walk around the house stealing stuff. How. Even for this show, this is stupid.

Eventually, Danielle brings everyone to a "séance" that she's been commanded to call. She reports that everything, including these "sightings," is for some reason. There is a chant, and then Bunky is the first to appear. He comments on their naming a spider after him. He says Will can probably treat spider bites. He vanishes. Then, Alison appears and says, "Don't worry, Erika and Janelle. I'm not real. Just like your...well, I think we all know." Briefly, it makes me sad that she left so early. And then? JOSH. Remember Josh? I know my intestines do. God. He says that he loves Danielle, and then he says Marcellas's robe smells. He has now contributed as much to this season as he did to his own. Season 5's Holly appears and refers to Will as "Dr. Delicious." She says that she took the devil duck. "Vote that chick in," Will says. She's gone. And then Eric -- oh, sorry, I mean Cappy -- is there. This is something of a parade of horrors. Eric stole the "black knight," he explains. And somebody stole George's necklaces or something, and blah dee blah. And then, the séance is over. So they all came back to, like, read one line? Man. Those people's agents are not earning their money.

Back in live real time, the houseguests are all out in the yard in their little booths, and each of them has a buzzer, and an indicator showing "True" or "False." They'll be asked questions about what just happened in the séance, and if they guess wrong, they'll be out. If everybody's right, then the last person to buzz in with the right answer is out. Gradually, people are eliminated on stupid questions of all kinds. Not exactly a game of skill. In the end, the last two standing are James and Erika, and Erika takes it. So it appears that Janelle has run out of luck at long last. It's about time, to say the least.

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