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And now, Kaysar's goodbyes. Erika says tat he was her "best friend in this house." I hate the abuse of language. "I honestly don't believe I would have wanted to be here if you weren't here," she continues, in spite of the fact that she just...voted him out, presumably to improve her chances of staying there without him. Whatever, lady. Janelle, of course, talks about how loyal he was, and how she and Howie and James can hopefully stay together go after "the floatherd." Do we really need this? All this naming of every group of people? It's so stupid. And that one is apparently ripped off of The Sound Of Music, which makes it even stupider.

Mike's goodbye is very interesting, because in a way, it's very much "I told you so," but it doesn't seem mean. It seems a little regretful. Mike says, "You should've got down with Chill Town earlier. I tried to tell you something that you're going to see very shortly, and that's that you could not trust your boy James." Will says it even more bluntly: "I hate to say this, but somehow 'I told you so' just doesn't cut it. I told you James was going to peel off, and he did. With me. For the time being, I have James, and...well, he stabbed you in the back." It's incredibly bad to hear, but again, it's said with a minimum of meanness, and it's not even gloating, really. It's very matter-of-fact, like, "I told you this would happen, and you didn't believe me, and it happened." It almost sounds like, "Dude, if you ever play this game a fourth time...." In James's goodbye, he blames Janelle, saying that she was stupid and he couldn't let her keep destroying everything for the group. So he...destroyed the entire group, I guess. To keep...Janelle? From destroying...the group? He adds, "Her selfishness and her stupidity were taking our team to the path of destruction." Very dramatic. Shut up, twerp. "I had to take action into my own hands," James says, which invariably means, "I wanted to do what I wanted to do, so I did it, and now I'm to blame you for leaving me no choice, even if I obviously had all kinds of choices."

Julie talks to Kaysar about how James was a pawn to remove Janelle, and she tells him that she hopes his birthday gets better. Asked for final thoughts, Kaysar says again that he's "not meant for this game." He's going back to his "loved ones" to "take in what happened." For fuck's sake, dude, you didn't see the Blair Witch. You got voted off Big Brother by a dude who was a backstabber this year after being a backstabber last year. You do not need to regroup with your loved ones. You need to get a job and stop posing for publicity photos for your website. Kaysar complains some more about this, and about how he couldn't avoid all the "daggers," and then mercifully, we are done with him.

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