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Morality Takes A Holiday

Both moms think that the boys are really funny, but also have good strategy. Bonnie says "they just enjoy being evil." Judy tells us "Will will go all the way," and Bonnie says, "I'm proud to be one of the Chill Town moms." Ewwww. If I ever named my friends, I guarantee my mother would have the good sense to be really embarrassed.

Julie tells us that James has this choice to make, which is that he got the power to nullify a vote, and he needs to make sure it's the right one, or he could evict himself. It won't happen, but how awesome would that be?

When we return from commercials, it's time for Danielle's pointless bedroom interview, in the great tradition of pointless bedroom interviews since time immemorial. Julie asks Danielle about having asked Erika to give up the HoH and let her have it, given that she apparently had said she wanted to lay low after starting so much trouble in the first week. Danielle says that she decided she was comfortable taking the situation in hand. Julie asks if Danielle trusts anyone, really, and Danielle names James. Bleh. Bad choice! Then, Julie asks Danielle about James taking the phone call when she herself didn't, and Danielle says that she was very upset, and she wants to apologize to her family.

That interview was even more unnecessary than the "Mr. Fart" shirt.

First, houseguests talk in the DR about the nominees. Marcellas says he's thrilled that two people from S6 are nominated. But he trusts James more than the others, because James has done the least. Will says that he'd love to surprise everyone and get rid of James, because James is "completely untrustworthy." In other words, unpredictable, and Will hates that. Howie says that it might be safer to get rid of James. Erika says that she can't really compare. George says that he doesn't want Kaysar to go. Janelle says Kaysar leaving would be bad for her. Mike says that he's just happy that he and Will have made it another week, so it's "win-win either way."

Back in the living room, Julie talks to the nominees. She gives them the opportunity to say final words, reminding them that they don't want to say anything stupid, since people haven't voted yet. James goes first. He thanks America for being put back into the house, and thanks his housemates, and then he tells them to vote what they think is best for themselves. Kaysar also thanks America for putting him there and his housemates. He says that he's tried to be honest and straightforward and so forth, and has earned the respect of some folks in the house. "While others, not so much." Not the bad ones, in other words. And then he tells them to vote the way they think is best.

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