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Julie goes to the living room, where she talks about the veto competition, and how it made them all crazy. Asked if they were surprised by the number of prizes people went for, James, Will, and Mike say no; Janelle, Marcellas, and Danielle say yes. Interesting how except for Marcellas, the men weren't surprised, but the women were all offended. Julie asks Danielle about being in solitary during the margarita party. Danielle says that she "did what [she] had to do." Now that's a lame answer. Julie asks George about his week off slop, and reminds him that tomorrow, he'll be back on it. He is, incidentally, smoking a pretend pipe made from a straw and...something. A cork or something. Hey, at least it's not "Mr. Fart" or tin-foil clothing. Julie asks George whether he can live through the rest of the game on slop, and George cackles and says, "Who knows?" Then he decides to change his answer and assures Julie that he can do it. Then, Julie tells us that coming up, we'll meet Mike and Will's moms. Oh, boy.

After commercials, it's time for the mom segment. "Nothing is beneath Will and Mike Boogie," Julie announces. Which is a little much, probably. But now, it's time to meet their mothers. In Basalt, Colorado, we meet Will's Mom, Judy, from whom he appears to have gotten his eyes. She has sort of poodly gray hair, but not really in a bad way, particularly. Judy says that even as a kid, Will was "thinking and plotting and planning." She adds that he was a little shy, but he "always had girlfriends." I'll bet. We revisit some of his flirting with Janelle, and his mother says that for him, the talk with Janelle is all strategy. We watch a conversation in which Will asks Janelle if she would like him outside the house, and she says that she would, pronouncing him "dreamy." And then he says, "I mean, I would never date you." Heh. Judy says that she wants him to stay away from Howie, because Howie is too handsy. I'm with you, Mrs. Evil.

Now, in Gilford, New Hampshire, we meet Bonnie, Mike's mom, who says that she raised Mike by herself. Turns out Mike was quite a round little kid, which isn't so surprising when you think about what his face looks like. In other words, his face looks quite natural on a chubby kid. But it turns out that when he got older, he got interested in speed skating, and that slimmed him down. It does cast a little bit more interesting light on what we know about his workout regimen, I guess. Though, not much. All interesting lights are dim at best when it comes to this show, and Mike in particular. His mom also says that he's a natural flirt, and Bonnie comments that Mike and Erika are friends, and then we see them lying in bed together with him rubbing her hair. That', as far as I know. It's kind of gross to introduce your romantic storyline through your mom, it seems to me. "And now, to explain whom I'm sleeping mother! Give her a hand, ladies and gentlemen." Bonnie does say that she thinks they have a secret alliance, and then we see Mike in his shirt that says, "Anyone for a showmance?" Ew. You can't beg for it right on your shirt, dude. There's a bit where Erika gives back rubs to Will and Mike, and Will asks Mike about his "power animal." Mike's is a cobra, but Will thinks he's doing it wrong, because his is a two-pound Yorkshire terrier. He thinks he needs a "more powerful power animal." I think my power animal is Will, which is interesting.

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