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Morality Takes A Holiday

Janelle talks to James about the fact that either he or Kaysar will be leaving. James reminds us in the DR that he has the power to nullify someone's vote. So far, James has the votes of Will and Mike, so he needs George, Marcellas, or Erika in order to stay. He's assuming, I guess, that he's not getting Howie's vote, but will be nullifying Janelle's. Janelle asks James whether, if she puts up Danielle next week, James will vote her out. He says that he will, if he's still here. James says that he should get an acting award if he can convince S6 that he thinks he's doomed.

Kaysar and George chat in the supply room. Kaysar decides to call upon what a good person he is, and strongly implies that George should vote on that basis. George says that he won't promise what he's going to do, but he says that he will always remember Kaysar treating him well. "If I've wronged you, then send me out of this house," Kaysar says. Because, I guess, Kaysar is in charge of telling people the basis on which they should vote now. It would suck if no one wronged you and you had no one to vote against. They hug, as fools often do on this show.

Next, Kaysar tries to work on Mike, telling him that if he votes out James, Kaysar will stay. I guess Kaysar is assuming he's getting Erika and George's votes, even though they specifically said they weren't committing. Kaysar tries to offer Mike an alliance of S6 plus Mike and Will to take out "the floaters," which includes Erika and George, both of whom he just appealed to on the basis that he was so good to them. It's bad enough to be moralistic about a game that's not about that, but he's not even right. Kaysar's no less of a snake than anyone else; he just talks about it differently. He's another one of those people who should just admit he wants to win. He wants the money. Nobody would think poorly of him. Just admit it, you know? "I definitely trust you more than James," Mike says.

Quite reasonably, Mike explains in the DR that he feels very good about where he is right now. For once, he and Will are basically in a win-win situation, listening to offers.

Now, Kaysar goes to Janelle and tells her that he went to Mike about this, and claims that Mike said, "Okay, let's do it." I...didn't see that part. When Janelle asks whether Kaysar talked to George, Kaysar says that George told him, "I can't vote for you to leave." That didn't happen either! Dude. How could he read a specific comment that George was not going to commit as George committing? Is Kaysar delusional? Or is he lying to Janelle? Either would make for an interesting development. In the DR, Kaysar says that he has George (not), that he has Howie and Janelle, and that he then needs two more votes, which he's hoping to get from Mike and Will. And then, he says, he'll be able to "start decimating Erika, Marcellas, and Danielle." So you're going to decimate Erika? I thought you were Erika's friend. And you can't really "decimate" three people, dude. "They brought it upon themselves," says Kaysar high-and-mightily to Janelle, now that he has apparently figured out how to keep himself in the house using imaginary votes that people have not agreed to give him. "This is really going to crush their dreams," Janelle giggles, and Kaysar giggles back. So much for the classier than thou routine, I guess.

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