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Danielle announces to the group that it's "about numbers," and that because she already told Howie he was safe, she has to put up Kaysar. He joins James in the other nomination chair. Still chirpy in spite of her supposed close friend going up, Janelle ends the meeting. And now she's all, "Danielle had better watch her back" and so forth. Danielle says that she wasn't going to let S6 control everything, and she had to do what was best for her. Kaysar becomes the latest idiot to whine about being "back-doored" simply because he was put up after a veto. Who will be out on Thursday? Well, you'll just have to watch on Thursday, won't you?


When we last left our houseguests, Kaysar and James were on the block after Janelle saved herself. Remember? I'm pretty sure you do.

Julie is in an off-the-shoulder black lace top this week, so once again, she has managed not to look like she's being dressed by pirates, chimney sweeps, or street urchins. She says that the most powerful alliance in the house, S6, will be losing someone for sure. It's true, provided you count James as part of that alliance, which you sort of shouldn't. She also announces something about the upcoming "coup d'état" power. But first! What will James and Kaysar do?

Blue-and-white Janelle hatefully twitters over vetoing herself. Screw her friends! She hugs Kaysar, because she's tooootally sorry he's on the block, and now we are in color. Kaysar says that he's not surprised to be on the block, because Danielle was targeting his alliance. James repeats that it was the agreement that he would be a pawn, and that Kaysar is the "best secondary target" after Janelle. I certainly wish Kaysar, if he's going, could take James with him, perhaps stuck to his shoe. I would miss neither of them.

Kaysar presses Erika for her support, reminding her that he's always been good to his word, but he says that he won't "beg for a vote." She says that she doesn't think her vote will matter. He tries to tell her that she may need someone later, and then he decides to go with "you owe me," telling her that he's tried in the past to keep her from getting bounced. Whatever. Kaysar says, "This tells me that it doesn't really matter what kind of respect you afford people." So no begging; just guilting, I guess. Apparently, Kaysar sees her vote as something she should give as a reward for past good behavior, the way that if someone was nice to you while you were playing chess, you wouldn't take their queen later. That's how you play, right? I really hate it when they do this shit, as you all now know. People do not owe you. People do what's best for them, just as you should do what's best for you, because It. Is. A. Game. Ee-gads. Erika says in the DR that she likes Kaysar the best out of everyone, so it's "head versus heart." She knows that Danielle wants Kaysar out, but she isn't sure what's best for her. She tells Kaysar that she needs time to think, and she hasn't made up her mind yet. Kaysar acts all disapproving and leaves.

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