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Janelle says that for her part, she's unhappy about Diane leaving with so many "hard feelings" toward her. You know, you can be an unapologetic, scenery-chomping bad-ass or you can complain as much as Janelle does about people being mad at you, not liking you, or having "hard feelings" toward you, but you really can't do both. In this case, Janelle had a total thing about getting rid of Diane, and it was totally personal for both of them. Nobody's hands are clean, if we're going in the stupid direction of integrity evaluation in the first place, which I do not condone. Janelle insists that her desire to get rid of Diane was "purely strategic." No. It wasn't. "I don't think she'll ever forgive me," Janelle says in a way that makes it clear that she completely doesn't care, but she'd really like you to think she does. Diane goes to black and white.

Will takes the opportunity after Diane is gone to tell the rest of the house that he doesn't get the whole "being sad" business. He reminds them all that somebody's got to go every week. Of course, this is perceived as very cold and tacky by some who make their feelings obvious. Will adds that if he goes next week, he wants everyone to party. "We will," Kaysar says in a way he intends to be pointed and bad-ass. Of course, because Will served that to him in just that way on purpose, it doesn't really work. "Back at ya," Will says, in a way he intends to be mocking. He should really have gone with bemused silence, which would have been funnier. Will DRs that each week, he tries to remind everyone that it's only a game. "Don't get your feelings wrapped up," he says. Which is easy when you barely have any, of course, Dr. Roboto.

So anyway, now we time-warp forward again, so that we're on the spider web with 21 minutes elapsed in the HoH competition. Howie, Will, and James start amusing themselves by riffing on Howie's "big boy like [whatever]" routine, starting with Howie explaining that big boy likes spider webs, and then adding that big boy also likes "spider sperm," a reference to the silly string stuff. These three guys think this joke is a lot funnier than it actually is. Howie tells Will he's pretty funny for a "skinny anorexic pale guy." That would hit harder if Will were skinny. He's pale, but he's pale on purpose so as not to die, and that's about the only part of that insult that's going to land. Teasing ensues between Howie and James over what everyone has been eating and how it affects the possibility that the spider web won't hold them. I wouldn't bother mentioning a conversation operating at this level of inanity, except that it turns into a filler segment about Howie's eating habits, which are apparently widely marveled at. Chicken George recalls making Howie a plate of four steak sandwiches, which Howie proceeded to chain-eat.

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