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Morality Takes A Holiday

As Danielle's time in solitary comes to an end, everyone gathers outside to chant, "Free Danielle!" Finally, the door opens and she comes out. She laughs in the DR that this did feel pretty good, to have everyone waiting for her. And then she wanted to talk to "everybody and their mama" to find out what happened while she was locked up. Whether her baby's been running around on her, and so forth.

Danielle chats with Mike and Erika, and Mike broaches the bit about how everyone's mad at Marcellas, so he proposes putting Marcellas up. Danielle seems a bit surprised by this, and surprises on this show are almost never pleasant. Danielle invites Erika to join her in the HoH room. Upstairs, Danielle can't believe that they all want to take out Marcellas now. James brings some food, and Danielle makes a point of telling him that she cried a lot over not getting the phone call. James looks down at the table, and I think he actually feels a little bit bad. Nobody is immune to Sad Mom. James now asks for a few minutes with Danielle, so Erika obligingly leaves. Man, I've seen servers at Applebee's who didn't take as many orders as Erika. James tells Danielle that, indeed, they'd like Marcellas to go up. The theory is that Marcellas should go because he played in the veto for himself, and if Marcellas is nominated, he'll come after Danielle.

Janelle tells us that her only concern about using the veto is that Kaysar will be up, most likely. I don't think it's a very big concern. James tells us that he'd hate to see Kaysar take the fall for Janelle betraying the alliance.

Janelle doesn't prolong the veto ceremony any. She goes ahead and vetoes herself, and she manages to do it in the most obnoxious, that-blonde-girl-in- High-School-Musical way you ever saw, presenting it like it's winning Miss America. "I've decided to use the power of veto..." she says, "on myself!" And she flips her hair all around and giggles like there's paparazzi everywhere. When you've been targeted for perfectly legitimate reasons (see: your very own rant last week about how dominant you are), I don't see why it's necessary to grind your heel in the faces of everyone whose vote you hope to get later. That routine is only going to piss people off -- even your own allies, because Kaysar isn't exactly going to think it's awesomely funny that he's about to be nominated. And then, again mustering as much snot as she possibly can, and possibly some she's borrowing from others, Janelle tells Danielle that since one of the nominations has been vetoed, she'll have to put up someone else. Man, I can't believe I liked her last year. She is horrible.

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