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That night, it's time for that margarita party that's caused so much trouble. Janelle is in a black dress, and George is in a little jacket. See, it turns out that Marcellas's one-week slop pass trumps George being put on slop by Janelle in the veto competition, so he was able to partake in the party. They get outside, and in addition to all the margaritas and stuff, there's a lot of Mexican food -- or what this show would provide as "Mexican food," anyway. The margaritas seem to be coming out of a machine, though. I don't know about that. "Just for clarification," Will asks in the DR, "did I just win five grand, blame it on Marcellas, and now I'm going to a margarita party where a drunk Janelle is going to hit on me all night?" He stops and puts his hands together. "You've got to love Big Brother: All-Stars." I, uh...I do right now, just a little.

Inside, Erika tells Howie that she's not going to the party (even those not eating are mostly at least visiting). She says that it's because Danielle is a "prisoner." I wonder if Erika knows Danielle isn't a real prisoner.

Meanwhile, in solitary, Danielle talks to herself about why she's in this room while people who are in her alliance are out in the yard having margaritas. I'm sure being in that room is really boring, but pacing around talking to yourself isn't going to make you feel that any less, Danielle.

James sneaks into the DR to take his phone call from Sara. She calls him "handsome," as in "hey, handsome," which...bleh. I do not like the word "handsome," and I'm not sure why. It's sterile or something. I think of it as something you call a guy you hope will loan you money. Anyway, Sara is all happy, because apparently, she's been seeing him crossing his fingers to tell her he loves her. And she hasn't yet seen "fat piece of shit," which I don't think pleases any girlfriend, no matter what she says. He gets all sniffly. They say they love each other. Not very interesting. He does say, though, that the call was "incredibly uplifting." Dear Everyone On This Show: You are not actually in jail. Love, Miss Alli.

Back in solitary, Danielle is still having no fun whatsoever. She voices over that it's "like jail, literally." Across the country, people in jail take a moment away from being in jail to roll their eyes. Elsewhere, Will talks about how weird it is having this lady closed in a room with them all peeking in to look at her. As Danielle voices over how tough she's going to be, and how she's ready to play, we watch her working out, like Ashley Judd in prison in that one movie about the law where, ironically, there's no law, because the real law has been superseded by the pretend law.

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