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But the solitary confinement thing is really what looks unpleasant, and that's where Danielle is going. She tells us she's glad she's going to be by herself, because she doesn't want to see any of the fools who played in the veto. She goes inside, and when the door closes, we see a twenty-four hour clock start. She paces inside.

Over in the bathroom, James experiments with a cold shower, which sucks. He tells us that he didn't even care if he was clean, because he was shaking. Of course, if he were smart, he'd turn on the water, get wet, and then turn the water off while he soaps up, and then turn it back on to rinse off, rather than running cold water on himself the entire time. I am thinking about this way too hard.

Outside, James and Janelle talk. He tells her he's not mad about the cots anymore. I'm sure that she's very relieved. Suspicious, she explores with him why he did things like spend points on the margarita party when he needed the veto to get off the block. This makes her think, of course, that perhaps he knows he doesn't really need the veto. Elsewhere, Will and Mike talk about how they also think it was nutty for James to lay down points for a margarita party. Will comments that James isn't safe enough to be squandering a chance at the veto. They then discuss the fact that they're the most obvious pair in the entire house. And, Will adds, as soon as S6 is broken up, they're going to be targeted next. They hit on the idea of trying to make a target out of Marcellas by pinning the money and the plasma TV on him. Will says that he'll take the blame for the trip, and then they can put the other stuff on Marcellas. How diabolical.

As Janelle walks up, Will makes a point of talking about how he "can't make the math work," and then he asks Mike to leave so he can talk to Janelle. Indeed, Will then tells Janelle that he and Mike think Marcellas took the TV and the money. "I'm just extra-surprised that Marcellas was so greedy," Janelle DRs. "And he didn't even say he was sorry, either." Oh, man. She is on another planet. And she doesn't have enough air, I don't think. "We gotta get rid of Marcellas," Will says. "Yeah. He's horrible!" Janelle agrees. And thus does Will continue to create little firestorms of havoc between various other people in ways that take all the focus off himself.

Later, in the kitchen, Will, James, and Howie talk, and Will again advances this theory that Marcellas won the money. James says, "We need to send him home this week." Will agrees. James DRs that Marcellas "made out like a bandit for himself." He seems to believe that Marcellas got the TV and perhaps the money, though he seems less sure of that. He wants Marcellas to go home. Will tells the other guys that although he's going to support whatever Danielle wants, he's open to "calling a truce," I guess between the two alliances, in order to take out Marcellas. After Will leaves, James asks Howie, "Do we trust him?" "Yeah," Howie says.

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