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Morality Takes A Holiday

And the veto winner? Janelle. So that worked the opposite of the way it was supposed to, from Danielle's point of view. "I'm surrounded by people who don't understand the game," she complains in the DR. Will says to us that it was okay with him for Janelle to win the veto, since now she's going to be around to go after Danielle next, which leaves him untouched again, some more. So much for the Legion Of Doom, huh? Janelle says that Danielle's "worst nightmare just happened." And then she snots, "Oops, too bad, so sad," and does it in that cutesy, baby-voiced, pink-fuzzy-chair-liking way that makes it pretty clear that she no longer has any idea how she's coming off.

The houseguests sit around and talk about who did what. Kaysar thinks Mike walked off with $15,000 in two days. James comes clean that he took both the margarita party and the phone call. Will says that he got nothing.

And then we go to the DR, where Mike and Will are both there, and they're doing their usual shtick, but they're not on the phone today. They're just talking, sort of somberly. "Hey, Boogie, did you win, uh, P.O.V. today?" "Nah," Mike says, all depressed. "I won a trip to Aruba for two and a plasma television." He pauses. "Did you win P.O.V.?" "No. I won, uh, five thousand bucks." There is a pause. And then, of course, they laugh hysterically. Which...I mean, come on. Veto for two guys who aren't on the block, versus a few thousand dollars in prizes for each of them? Danielle should have known this wasn't happening. I hate myself for laughing at the same joke a million times, I really do. But here we are, and it's either this or decide to find Howie funny, you know? And for that, I wouldn't just have to hate myself -- I'd actually have to tie off a tiny part of my soul and devote it solely to that, resigned to the idea that I could never make blood flow through it again.

Outside, Janelle is asked about her point total at the end. She says that it was fifty-five, and confesses that she put them all on cots, and that she put the folks inside on slop. Those were, in fact, good for fifty-five points, so this part of her scheme isn't detectable. Basically, she's trying to avoid giving up the fact that she can't play for the veto next week.

We then watch as all the beds in the house -- including the HoH bed -- turn into army cots. When the houseguests come inside, they are not pleased. "We can now say we are treated worse than prisoners," James says. I think there are ways in which that's arguably not true. Being free to leave at any time in return for giving up the right to compete for a $500,000 prize comes to mind.

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