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Next question: Give up five points to win a trip for two to Aruba. Will DRs that he's "not clairvoyant," but based on his knowledge of Mike, he was pretty sure Mike was going for prizes. Mike looks at his board and gives us the thumbs-up from his grave as he sees that he won the trip. Yeah, Mike's interest in winning veto? Not very powerful. Next: Who's willing to put the other four houseguests who are not playing (Erika, Kaysar, Howie, George) on slop for the week to earn eight points. "We're gonna get nailed," George comments inside. Next question: Give up seven points to win a pass for the rest of the summer so you never have to eat slop. I think we know what hothouse flower is taking that one. Next question: Pick up your chalkboard. How many points would you give up to win $5,000? Several zeroes go up. Finally: Give up the ability to play in next week's veto competition to win ten points.

We come back from commercials, and it's time to find out what got taken and what didn't. One offer at a time, Erika reveals that every single thing -- both good and bad -- was taken by someone. One of the things I love is that every time something bad aimed at other people -- put the house in cots, put four people on slop -- comes up, Will acts like he doesn't think anyone's going to take it, despite the fact that I'm sure he knows somebody is going to take everything. Janelle tells us she's the one who put them all on cots. Will can't believe anyone took solitary confinement.

James says in the DR that he spent points on the margarita party because he didn't get either of the first two negative ones, so he figured he'd at least do something good for the house. Not very determined, there. Mike DRs that he went for the plasma TV. James also tells us he took the phone call. In the DR, Danielle can't believe all these "idiots" didn't keep the veto from Janelle so that the nominations wouldn't have to change. Janelle also says she put the other houseguests on slop. Among other things, this means that there will be no margarita party for them. When the trip to Aruba is discussed, Mike comments that between the plasma TV and the trip to Aruba, he's pretty sure Santa is coming to the Big Brother house. Janelle says that she doesn't mind not playing in the veto competition, but she doesn't want anyone to know. It is revealed that Will put up forty points on his chalkboard to get the money. "Look," he says in the DR. "Money can't buy you love. But money can buy you stuff -- and I LOVE STUFF!" Hee. Only the dork sweatband he's wearing around his head at this moment keeps it from being one of his best moments. In the DR, Danielle is in tears. "I am so done. 'Legion of Doom,' we're the Legion of Stupidity!" That's what you get for naming your alliance in the first place, I'd point out. You'll only want to mock yourself later. Also, isn't the obvious line, "'Legion of Doom,' we're the 'Legion of Dumb'?" Maybe my mind works in simplistic ways. When Erika says that someone took the slop pass, Marcellas jumps up and down and openly admits that this was him. Not too surprising, there. Janelle says that she was "annoyed" by this, because it meant that Marcellas didn't really try to save her. So she really was not reading that room well at all. And Marcellas tends to decorate pretty garishly, if we're following this metaphor.

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