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Later, Erika -- who's apparently the announcer -- gathers everyone in the living room for the competition. She sends the players into the backyard. There's a whole thing going on here that's really not relevant where they have a "graveyard" where you have to lie in your own grave. They all think they're going to be buried alive, which does not produce enthusiasm, understandably. But actually, it's just a thing where you lie on the ground so that you can't see anyone else and they can't see you. The way this works is that you start off with forty points, and then various offers are made. Sometimes, good things are offered, but you have to give up points to get them, and sometimes bad things are offered, and you get points if you accept them. You accept offers by buzzing in, but only the first person to buzz in gets the prize. In theory, you can't tell whether your buzz-in was the winner, but they soon realize that they can turn around and watch the point totals on their "headstones" change. Whoever winds up with the most points wins. Danielle says that, of course, the goal is to keep the veto away from Janelle, and she expects her whole group will do the same. Will, on the other hand, DRs that as long as he and Mike aren't going up in anyone's place, he couldn't care less who wins veto. The final detail: they won't reveal at the end who buzzed in for what, so it will be up to you to either figure it out or get people to tell you.

First question: Who is willing to have all the beds replaced with army cots, and the hot water shut off for the whole house for a whole week. Good for seven points. Next question: Who is willing to be in solitary confinement for twenty-four hours with just slop and a camping toilet? Good for nine points. "Are you kidding me?" Will asks in the DR. "No one's going to take that! And if they do, then they are an absolute psycho." Presumably, he means a different kind of absolute psycho than the kind that he fairly clearly is.

Third question: Give up three points to win the house a margarita party. Danielle says that she hopes Marcellas takes all the prizes, and that her team takes anything that offers more points. That will not happen. Next question: Give up five points to win a plasma TV. Mike DRs that he did tell Danielle he'd try to win the veto, but when he said that, he didn't know there were going to be delicious prizes. I have to say...I would take the plasma TV also. My TV is almost ten years old. It's time for a bigger one, don't you think? Next question: Give up five points to win a phone call from home. Danielle cries in her grave, and then in the DR, she says that she was willing to do anything, and she even gave up the phone call from home.

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