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Later, Will, Janelle, and Erika lie on the balcony next to the HoH room, and Erika asks Will to marry both of them. "You could have two hot wives," she says. Will tells them that he's "very flattered," and then says, "I'm always open-minded to an alliance. A ménage a trois alliance, is that what it is?" Erika laughs. She DRs that Will is charming, smart, and "easy on the eyes." Ech. Do people really still say "easy on the eyes"? I mean, with seriousness? Anyway, at this moment, Howie comes and interrupts the discussion. Will is in the middle of telling Janelle and Erika that he had an awesome girlfriend in medical school, but that it took a while for him to be able to be a good boyfriend, and Howie plunks down and starts eating. Janelle asks why it took so long, and Will says, "Because you have to learn, you know?" Boy, I heard that. Howie jumps in and says, "You're lucky in love." "Shut up, Howie," Erika says. Janelle DRs that Howie has been interrupting conversations a lot lately: "He doesn't add anything to the conversation that', intellectual, or exciting, or even funny." Unlike things like the revelation that you make bananas get old by putting them on top of the refrigerator. That's intellectual, exciting, and funny. Back in the conversation Howie just interrupted, he says, "There's a big difference between knowledge...and wisdom." I'm sure it's one of his Jedi sayings. "Thanks, Howie," Erika mutters, and Will adds, "Good thing you're here." Howie finally gets up and leaves.

Erika goes back to the meat of the discussion, asking Will if it's possible to get over infidelity. Wow. That's an interesting question for a woman whose relationship recently broke up to be asking. Will says, "I don't think so." "What if it's not having sex?" Erika asks. I wonder what kind of infidelity she's talking about. I'm not suggesting there's no such thing at all; it's just an interesting question. Howie says something stupid again, so Will says quietly to Erika, "Can I beat the shit out of him with a pan just so I can have a conversation with somebody?" Erika laughs. Me too. Will DRs that while he's not "the most sensitive guy," he's periodically capable of deciding to share, and he wasn't fond of having this particular conversation with Erika and Janelle interrupted by Howie's stupid behavior. This segment ends with Howie downstairs trying to attract attention with further screwing around, while the group upstairs wonders if he will ever get married. "I think he's a little baby waiting for someone to hug him," Will says. "He just wants attention." "Big boy like boobies!" Howie says from downstairs. Nice. "Isn't it amazing how your tolerance for things just, like, plummets?" Will asks Janelle and Erika. I know just how he feels.

Danielle calls everyone inside to choose players for the veto competition. She's the first to draw, and in the DR, she says that she wants Mike and Will. Indeed, the first out of the bag is Will. Janelle takes Houseguest's Choice, and she chooses Marcellas, because she's stupid. She DRs that she couldn't get a guarantee from Kaysar or Howie that they'd use it on her, because of their conflict about James. So, of course, she chose the incredibly loyal...Marcellas. He runs up and jumps up and down squealing next to Janelle like he lurves her and can't wait until they're on student council together, but in the DR, he tells us that he has no intention of helping Janelle, and she's entirely on her own. I will give Marcellas credit for one thing: he's usually not nearly that good at hiding his true feelings. He does seem to have gotten slightly better at that part. James draws Mike's name out of the bag. James says, in summary, that they feel good about the veto competition, and Danielle agrees in the DR that it's a great team, and it ought to mean the entire thing is all sealed up, because it's five people against Janelle. What could possibly go wrong? "Famous last words," of course, doesn't begin to describe it.

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