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Up in HoH, Marcellas well and truly embarrasses himself by having a gloating, giggling conversation with Danielle in which he slaps hands with her and congratulates her for blowing out of the water any theory anyone might have had that she was working with James. I'm telling you, this is the other reason I'd never go on this show -- I would humiliate myself all the time in similar moments. Okay, probably not as badly as Marcellas, because he's sort of the champion of that, but still. Danielle gigglingly accepts his congratulations. She's kind of giggling at him and not with him, but it's not like he's going to know that. "It was brilliant," Marcellas tells her. "I applaud you." "I need to keep Marcellas in the dark," Danielle DRs. Seems to be working so far. Sometimes, I just sit back and imagine how much Marcellas will enjoy watching all this later. Sit back with me, won't you?

Kaysar and Janelle talk upstairs. Finally feeling a gear in the back of her head starting to turn, Janelle asks Kaysar if he thinks it's possible that James knew he was being nominated as a "decoy." Kaysar is sure that James didn't, because James would never go along with anything like that. "Are you sure?" Janelle asks. Kaysar is sure. Janelle wonders whether James is working with Danielle, but Kaysar is sure he isn't. Janelle DRs that she sometimes wonders whether James would sell them out. I WONDER. James DRs that as a result of "Janelle's hideous nominations," the floaters are all freaked out. And then he leaps off the DR chair and kneels facing it. He prays for the ability to get rid of "the evil, duplicitous Janelle." I have a feeling he smuggled a thesaurus into the house, that one.

Filler segment: The boys shave their body hair out in the backyard. Mike calls it "the House of the Hairless Men," and says that for him, it's too "met-ero-sexual." I think "meterosexual" is men who measure their dicks in British, but I'm not sure. This ends with George letting Howie shave him, which is a little unsettling.

Up in HoH, George pays Danielle a visit. This is a very weird, oddly maudlin scene in which George basically tells Danielle that he's been watching her, and that he thinks she's going to do great. He also says he's happy to watch her back, but he's probably not going to "make it to the end." Danielle sends him to go lock the door. Then she tells him to be strong for his family, and talks about how they're "the only parents here." She tells him that she doesn't talk about being here for her family, because she thinks people held that kind of talk against her in her original season. George says that he understands how she feels, and he tells her to get to the end and try to win. He claims that they're "a lot alike," and then they hug, and I really have no idea why we saw that segment at all. It's like George is there to be the Hallmark Hall Of Fame representative. All his moments are warm instead of biting, but somehow, the fact that all these other irritating people are looking down on him is mildly upsetting.

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