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Danielle brings out the nomination box. She first says that her nominations are based on the nominations/veto sequence from last week. (In other words: Janelle made herself look dicey by cooperating in getting Mike off the block and then not nominating Will in his place.) She then pulls Erika's key. Erika pulls Howie's key. George. Mike. Marcellas. Will. And finally...Kaysar. So the nominees are James and Janelle. Danielle says that she did this in order to let the two biggest "bad-asses" fight it out over the veto. James acts all pissed off, but assures us in the DR that it was only an act. Janelle says that she was very surprised; James was very upset, and that Danielle apparently doesn't have the kind of relationship with James that Janelle thought she did. "I want Janelle gone," Danielle says, repeating that she needs James in the veto competition. That is a very risky strategy. We will have to see how it goes.


Tonight's show starts with blue-and-white evictions. Remember how James and Janelle were nominated, like, a paragraph ago? I knew you would. Howie smooching Janelle brings us to color, and Janelle says again that she was surprised to see James nominated. Mike, however, says that he wasn't surprised by any of it at all, since James as a member of the Legion Of Doom (barf), and their hope is to save James and get rid of Janelle. James says in the DR that he'd like to think today's nomination was a highlight of his "brief but nonexistent [?] acting career." He says that he channeled his anger toward Janelle and pretended it applied to his being nominated. James's anger toward Janelle is quickly becoming a creepy extra houseguest of sorts, capable of dominating rooms entirely on its own. I'd sort of be up for evicting James if he promised to take it with him.

In one of the bedrooms, James pretends to fret to Kaysar about the fact that Danielle nominated him, and Kaysar agrees that he's "shocked." Kaysar DRs that it's tough having "two of [his] strongest allies on the block." So there's a guy who's not following. Janelle comes into the bedroom, stands there with her hands on her hips, and says, "I hope she's ready to be demolished next week. I can't believe she did that to you, James." Knowing as they do that Danielle and James have at least something of an alliance, I can't believe none of these people are hip to what's going on at all. "Seriously, I would have bet money on it that you wouldn't have been nominated." See, Janelle? See how weird it is? That's why you start paying attention. I feel like I need a dry-erase board to explain this to her. She seems to have no idea that James is imagining her turning into a giant turkey leg as we speak. Howie says in the DR that it will be a really tough decision for him between Janelle and James. And then, back in the bedroom, Howie says, "I know every alliance in the house now." I wonder if people say that kind of thing on purpose, to provide the editors with things that can be used to make them look silly. James tells us that the strategy Danielle is employing -- the nominate-your-allies part -- is "out there," but if it works, it should work well.

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