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Later, Danielle and Marcellas talk, and she wants to know what he thinks. Or she pretends she does. Marcellas thinks she should nominate Janelle and Kaysar. He thinks that in nominating them, she can just take the position, "Your behavior warrants your dismissal." He certainly does love pronouncements of that kind. They're like snotty little fortune cookies. Danielle comments in the DR that not only is Marcellas doing the oft-discussed "throw you under the bus" thing with Janelle, but he's throwing her under a semi, with a bus, and some cement, and himself on top of it. She...didn't get as far with that metaphor as she was hoping, I don't think. Simpler might have been better, you know? "Two buses." I don't know. Anyway, Marcellas stresses in the DR that someone from that S6 group needs to be sent home.

Kaysar pays a visit to Danielle, who wants to talk to him. She says, "Let's reason." She asks Kaysar whether he had a deal with Will and Mike. "No," he lies. She asks him whether Janelle had a deal with Will and Mike. "No," he says, either lying or wrong, depending on your view. Danielle wants to know, then, why Janelle didn't nominate Will and Mike when she had the chance. Because when somebody from one faction is up, and when she doesn't take either of two shots at getting out somebody from the other faction, it tends to raise eyebrows, after all. Kaysar stammers and totally fails to come up with an explanation. As Danielle says in the DR, she wanted Kaysar to explain what the hell they were thinking. She's right, of course, because many of us noted that the decision to leave Mike and Will alone really made no sense according to what S6 was claiming that its strategy was. The best Kaysar can do is to keep telling her that you don't go "guns blazing" in the first few weeks. For some reason, Kaysar considers himself a strategic genius who knows just how to play this game. Pay no attention to his tendency to be evicted before the milk gets sour. Kaysar tries to press Danielle about her situation with James, but she hedges, insisting that she makes her own decisions. She DRs that she needs to ensure that someone from Season 6 goes this week. I'm not sure I need to see anyone else make that remark, since I think it may have been said eight or ten times already.

Danielle stares at the pictures on the wall as Janelle speculates that Danielle will probably nominate her and Kaysar. Marcellas says that he doesn't trust Danielle entirely because he knows "better than anyone" what she can do. I really like Marcellas's whole theory that he was done wrong by Danielle, when in fact he was evicted based on Jason's vote after deciding not to veto himself. Kaysar says that he knows Danielle wants to get someone out of the "sovereign alliance." Good Lord, I wish he didn't sound so dead serious in using the words "sovereign alliance." It's not a Star Wars movie, dude, no matter what Howie tells you. Danielle, for her part, says that her only alliance is herself. James says that he knows that he's going up, but it's what Danielle has to do. Will tells us that he's in this Legion of Doom thing with Danielle, but he doesn't trust anyone and tends to be "very pessimistic" about the game. All evidence that he is running the whole thing to the contrary.

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