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Judgment Gay

We learn that, due to some eleventh-hour vote brokering before Wednesday's eviction, the entire house basically decided to switch their votes to Amanda and Alex instead of going with Allison's idea of ousting Matt and Natalie. And who led the revolt? Well, Allison, of course. Between Allison's vote-switching and the previous "we're lesbians" rumor, Joshuah had it in for Allison. So before the HoH competition, they tried to show how not bothered they were by everything by simply standing around inside wearing sunglasses. Way to play it cool.

So after Joshuah and Sharon win their HoH competition, they have an obnoxious little end-zone celebration. Afterward, Allison is talking to Matt and Adam about the HoH competition, and something she says -- I have no idea what -- sends Joshuah off on one of his fake apoplectic rages, complete with screaming in her face, calling her a bitch, and the ever-popular "ugly." Does he really think it makes the other person look bad when he does this? James comes to break it up, and after the two antagonists are safely separated from each other in different parts of the house, Ryan comes and, rather reasonably, asks Joshuah what it is Allison said to piss him off just now. Joshuah doesn't actually have an answer. Or he does, but it's not like he can say, "Theater!" But later, in the DR, he talks about how offended he was about Allison lying about her sexuality. Fair enough, but...wasn't that, like, a week ago? And how fake is it to wait until you're HoH to go off on somebody for something you've been pissed about for a week or more? A bit later, Allison is talking about the scene with Ryan and Matt in the living room, and Joshuah stomps past with a very threatening manner. Once that particular ray of sunshine has passed, Matt offers Allison a hug, but she's not into it. She would rather rage tearfully in the DR about how she's not going to take this from anyone. Remember that later.

On her way out of the DR to take off her makeup, Allison's spotted by Ryan, who follows her to the sink to tell her that her getting upset is just what Joshuah wants.

Joshuah, meanwhile, is cackling with Natalie and Sheila about how he really didn't say anything that bad to Allison, and a spittle-flecked tirade about how he's going to make her life hell is "nothing." He says that either he's sending her home, or she's sending him. Well, it's good to have a plan.

Later, in the kitchen with Ryan and Allison, Matt offers to talk to Allison about it. Allison is actually now pissed at both of them as well, for not sticking up for her. Even though neither of them was there. She keeps pushing, and Matt asks Ryan, deadpan, "Wanna go slap him around?" Allison is too into her righteous snit to realize that Matt's kidding, and threatens them both, "You'd better never meet my father." Yeah, that dude's got some explaining to do.

Time for the standard "everyone come look at our HoH room" bit, which is unusual only in that Allison goes to bed instead of joining in. And the couple photo of Sharon and Jacob, which she hates. And Joshuah's "Princess for the Day" tiara, sent to him by his coworkers.

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