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Previously on Big Brother 3: Eric and Lisa spent their week on the block making out and looking deeply into each other's eyes, but their best gal pal Gidget turned down a chance to save them with the power of veto on the theory that if she did, her beloved Moondoggie might go next. After a week of inept scheming and a failed attempt to throw Josh's sorry ass in front of the Julie's Couch Express to save himself, Eric got the star-crossed boot. Elsewhere, Danielle and Jason continued to operate in relative secrecy, adding Marcellas and Josh as the perfect accessories to complete their covert outfit. Ironically, Chiara won an HoH competition reliant on the ability to avoid going over the line. Julie dropped the bomb on Eric (but not yet on the remaining houseguests) that one of the evictees will be making a triumphant (or, in Amy's case, a likely intoxicated) return to the house this week.

Blue-and-white Eric is evicted. Again. Lisa and Roddy lament his departure in the diary room, while Jason tells us that he feels responsible for it, having provided the vote that made it a tie and threw the eviction to Gerry. As Jason talks, the music shifts from the typical bonging chimes of the somber elegy, O My True Love Has Gone, Gone To Julie Chen, and to a spry, vigorous violin line that I think is supposed to represent the uptick in the level of gamesmanship that you are about to see this week.

As the houseguests ponder Eric's exit and Roddy stares at the floor wondering how it all went wrong, we slide to color. Lisa reports that she's sad, and to demonstrate, we see her cleansing her face. Because Eric was the Clearasil on her blackheads of loneliness. Or something. When she's done burying her feelings of loss under a haze of salicylic acid, she and Roddy have a chat in the Aquarium Room, consoling each other over Eric's departure. They're both sad.

"Four down," Danielle smirks in the diary room, "Six to go." Danielle? Is not so sad.

Once again, we get to see blue-and-white Kiki snag HoH. Gerry points out that this development caused him some "anxiety," because he knows Chiara doesn't really like him. Of course, he probably doesn't even believe in humping the patio chairs, so I think it's just that she can't relate to him. In the diary room, she gushes that she's "excited that a girl has [HoH]," and you may consider that the intro to the lesson Chiara is endeavoring to teach us this week, which is how important it is to contribute to the cause of feminism around the globe. Oh, no -- don't yack all of your stomach contents onto the carpet yet. There's much, much more to come. Jason chimes in that having Kiki as HoH makes him nervous as well, because if she knows that he voted to evict Eric, she might have "a little revenge in store." I think he's also afraid that her HoH gifts will include strange erotic accessories that she will employ in her continuing campaign to part him from his underwear.

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