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Jiltin' Joe

Eviction Night! And the feeling's right! Et cetera! Julie -- in a simple black sheath, nicely complemented by a chunky necklace and Christian Louboutin heels -- catches us up, and then we're back to a blue-and-white flashback of Daniele undoing her nomination and Jen replacing her with Joe. Jen DRs that Joe is manipulative and so forth, and that there are a lot of reasons for him to get voted out. As the soundtrack slide-guitars us into colour footage, Daniele hugs Joe, and then DRs that she's happy to be off the block herself (doy), doesn't want Dick to go, and feels it "sucks" that she has to vote out someone else -- the usual. We get a shot of a smug-looking Dustin at the Veto Ceremony (in which, as always, the Veto Medallion is shown not to fit in the Veto Humidor -- again, the usual), and then Dustin DRs that when he saw that there was a chance Joe might go home, a wave of ecstasy came over him. Dick DRs that he's confident about his chances against Joe, since Dick has done a better job than Joe at forging relationships with his fellow houseguests.

And Joe? Well, Joe knows he's screwed. In the bathroom, Joe teeth-grittingly fake-fake-complains about his nomination to Daniele, who fake-apologizes. He tells her not to sweat it, since she had to take herself out of the running. Joe then DRs that he's not "a sad little raincloud" who's going to bring everyone down, and that he won't freak out, like the women nominated last week did.

Cue the montage of Joe campaigning to stay in the house! He tells Kail that he wants to stay in the house. He tells Mike (and Mike's pepperoni-esque nipples) that he wants to stay in the house. He tells Jessica that he wants to stay in the house, to which she DRs that Joe would probably sell her out to stay in the game (again: doy), so she'll probably be voting for Dick to stay. Joe and Jessica snuggle down for the night -- Joe is the big spoon, probably because Jessica wouldn't get a very good night's sleep getting jabbed in the chest with the knife in Joe's back.

America's Player. Eric is very happy to get to vote out Joe.

Kail and Dick chat on the hammock, where Dick states that Kail's put a target on her back by making an alliance with Mike. Kail DRs that her concern with Dick is that he's going to go after someone in her alliance. Back on the hammock, she tells Dick that she's currently planning to vote for him to stay, but will let him know if that changes. Dick, in the DR, isn't concerned, and knows "for a fact" that he already has six or seven votes in his back pocket, presumably all attached to a wallet chain.

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