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After the 9-1 vote to evict Brian, some of the remaining players discuss their reactions: Dan stuck to his word, even though he now feels like a sore thumb for being the aforementioned "1.". Steven says he felt close to Brian, and had to repress an "emotional outburst" when Brian left. Watch me not insert a joke here that centers around a gay stereotype. Ollie says he feels responsible for Brian's ouster, but his relationship with April is more important than his deal with Brian. Jerry no longer feels any remorse, since he didn't have much choice. And Angie says that now she just has to deal with people who have gotten on her nerves. Tell me about it, Angie. I'm looking at a whole season of that no matter what the outcome. Libra is just happy that her biggest threat in the house is gone. Jessie says something bitchy about Brian looking better in black and white, with whiter teeth and blacker hair. Hey, at least Brian owns a shirt. Renny says that her son told her not to be the first one evicted, so her major goal in this game is already accomplished. Congratulations!

Later, around the kitchen table, Jerry tells everyone about Julie asking him about "betraying" Brian during the HoH Chenterview. Jessie says it wasn't a betrayal, and Jerry again tells the world about how he wasn't wearing anything military-related when he did it. So of course now the entire house knows to watch their backs whenever Jerry mothballs the Marine gear. By this point, the military is like, "Dude, wear what you want, just shut the fuck up about it." Or maybe that's just me. Dan DRs that civvies or no, Jerry still broke his word. Back at the table, Renny says something about Jerry needing to be more careful about giving his military oath in this game, and Jerry, offended, says that not only did he never do that, Brian broke his word to Jerry first. So there. Jerry stomps off grumpily, leaving Renny wearing her default expression, which is "What'd I do now?"

Now to deal with the fallout from Jessie's HoH win. Jessie is looking forward to lording it over Renny, of course. Keesha derides April for jumping into the victorious Jessie's arms, calling her a "Barbie bitch." And Angie is regretting campaigning on behalf of Brian. Renny's reaction to her nemesis being in power: "It is what it is." Steven noticed that people started gravitating to Jessie as soon as he won, and that the house is already splitting up between people who did and didn't like Brian.

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