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Jessi-Cop Out

Previously on Big Brother...well, the last time we met, it certainly seemed like either Dick or Daniele was halfway out the door, didn't it? Of course, it also seemed like burning people with cigarettes was grounds for reprimand. We were so young two weeks ago!

Also previously, Daniele's HOH reign ended up targeting Jen, which meant Dick once again targeted Jen, which then, as Voice-Over Guy helpfully reminds us, led to Jen flying off the handle, undertaking such sanity-defying activities as EATING TURKEY BURGERS! (Okay, but seriously, Jen: they're so dry! Eat some beef!) Then Jen went home and Jessica won HOH.

Credits. Pssst! People! Zach is still in the house! Look! In the bunny suit!

Flashbacky blue-and-white reminds us that Jen was, indeed, voted out, and some stupid people in the house were unseemly in their gloating about it. Dick DRs that he was thrilled to rid the house of a "cancer" such as Jen; meanwhile, we cut to a shot of Dick agitatedly tamping his pack of cigs on his wrist. I like to think we got a rogue editor right then whose message to the viewing public was: HA HA! Dick's gonna get cancer! I laugh with you, Mr. or Ms. Rogue Editor. Daniele regrets hugging Jen on the way out because Jen is gross. In her soul. We're also reminded that Amber asked Jen, on her way out, to tell Dustin "that thing I told you," and that Jen replied, "I will. Make sure you tell Jess." Jessica DRs that she kind of had an "oh shit" moment there, but nobody cares to elaborate as to what it actually meant. Eric continues to be awfully proud of his kiss-off to Jen on the way out the door, because sucking up to Dick feels almost exactly the same as people liking you.

We see, again, Jessica win HOH and then, hilariously, each of the remaining six houseguests are shown in their DR session saying how safe they feel with Jess as HOH. Eric? Feels safe. Dick? Daniele? Safe. Jameka? Safe. Zach? Safe. Amber? Safe. I suppose it is pretty obvious that Jess is going to nominate Jen and Kail because...oh. Well that's weird! Later, Eric and Jessica whisper in the oversized room. Eric thinks they should just take the evening for themselves and relax, but before that can segue into another round of the World's Shortest Romance, Jess starts talking about getting Amber nominated. Because: duh. Speaking of Our Lady of Sorrows, she and Jameka discuss how having Jessica as HOH is good for them. Jameka seems much more guarded with her enthusiasm, but God has apparently gone all Lacuna on Amber's brain because she totally thinks Jess will put D&D up. Dustin who? They both praise God for a bit, and the scene cuts away before any of that highly offensive church organ music starts playing.

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