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After the nominations of Amber and Carol, Kail and Mike hole up in the HoH room while she congratulates herself on not pissing anybody off and getting off "scotch-free." Amber, meanwhile, has herself a meltdown, claiming that she would never have nominated a fellow mother as Kail had the temerity to do. Presumbly Dick would have been on his own. Then, later, she gets hold of herself and thanks God for using the nomination to make her stronger. Um, God? It's not working.

Carol, meanwhile, is adopting the opposite strategy of appearing nonchalant about being on the block. Jessica's not convinced, and is only too happy to hope the rest of the house takes Carol at her word and votes her out. Meanwhile, Carol starts quietly campaigning to Zach, unaware that he's part of the alliance that put her up in the first place. Carol and Jessica are pretty much just trying to beat each other at this point.

Out in the yard, Dick talks to Kail about how he bonded with his son during the boy's twenty-first birthday party at a Vegas strip club. Aww, how sweet. Despite the anti-Norman Rockwell imagery, he's cultivating the parent-bond with Kail much better than is Amber, who seems to be going about it by crying all the time.

There's a bit where Nick lifts weights and everyone's impressed with him, except for Jen, who claims she doesn't like muscles. Of course, Jen is lying throughout this entire paragraph, up to and including her uses of the word "I." For our benefit, Nick works through his list of flirtees, including Danielle, Amber, "Jenius" (as Jen's current tank top dubs her), and Carol. Not so much Joe, though. Not wanting to be left out of the intrigue, however, Joe hears Jen telling the others that Nick tried to make out with her, and goes straight to Nick with it. Nick comes right out and confronts Jen, calling her a liar. "Jen lives in her own little Jen world that is Jenuinely in-freaking-sane!" Joe DRs. Jen sticks to her story, not caring that nobody believes her. The crazy thing is that I think she actually believes it herself.

At least until the commercials are over. At which point Jen takes Nick aside and apologizes, blaming her behavior on her jealousy over Nick's earlier cuddling with Danielle. Nick pretends to be over it, although Jen pushes too hard when she "jokes" about Nick trying to kiss her "again" later. Don't walk around with your eyes closed waiting for it, honey. Later, Nick recounts the tale to Joe, Amber, and Dick, who are "so over Jen" and her other shirts that say things like "Jenth Degree" and "Jensa Member." So it's a perfect opportunity for Amber to approach Kail about what Kail should do if one of the nominees wins the veto. Kail's open to suggestions, because like all chess grandmasters, she's always thinking about her current move. She's happy to accept Jen as an alternate, because hey, it beats thinkin'.

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