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Julie looks like a bride on Star Trek as she brings us up to speed on the developments so far: Andrew and Kathy are the two nominees. "It's been said that actions speak louder than words, "Julie says, "but in this game, one wrong word could send you packing." Which has nothing to do with anything, and is probably just one of those transition lines they have in the hopper to throw in when nothing else comes to mind. And then whatever is left over at the end of the season gets sold to astrologers.

Flashback to Andrew "warning" Brendon and Rachel that he's coming after them, and then asking Brendon to save him with the PoV. Which of course makes no sense to anybody, least of all Britney, who makes a very entertaining Rachel-face in the Diary Room. "I am so sick of living in a house full of haters!" Rachel blares. Damn, Rachel, there's a microphone in the Diary Room. You don't have to project to the ones out in the back yard. Kathy says she'll just have to fight, and Andrew says he was trying to make people think he was going after the couple. Yeah, we got that, except he did it in a way that nobody would ever do it. That's kind of where his master plan falls down.

Brendon asks Rachel why she's mad at him, which she is. Brendon says he knew Andrew was going to do it, which of course pisses off Rachel even more. "Who's he in a relationship with, Andrew or me?" I used to think I hated the word "showmance," but in that sentence, I kind of missed it. And now Andrew's doomed, because you know what Rachel does to people who get between her and her man.

Up in the HoH room, Matt, Lane, and Ragan weren't fooled for a second. Lane even comments, "Rachel oversold it," which is awesome. The one person in the little conspiracy who didn't know it was going to happen. Matt calls Andrew up to the HoH room to warn him that the vote is shifting the wrong way because nobody was fooled, thanks to Rachel's overreaction. Is it possible that Andrew actually out-idioted Matt?

Outside, Rachel accuses Brendon of "keeping secrets" from her. Brendon gets all mushy, even says, "I love you," but when he goes in for a kiss, she recoils. "I just don't like it when people try to mess with me," she says. Cold! "I hope you guys now what you're doing, because you're playing with fire. And I am fire!" Was this girl raised on soap operas or what?

Kathy tells Ragan about becoming a mother at 18, and having cancer, and now she's trying to get the money for her son for when she gets leukemia from the chemo. Ragan gives her encouragement, and DRs that he's reconsidering his earlier plan to vote to keep Andrew. But as we'll soon learn, Kathy could have spent that time telling Ragan about her favorite breakfast cereals. Observe:

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