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After Jeremy's eviction on Thursday night, Day 28, there were mixed reactions in the Diary Room. Kaitlin felt like it was her fault and that Jeremy "deserved" to be there more than others; Aaryn was just glad it wasn't her; and Helen said, "YAAAAAAAY!" It was a somber moment in the house after his exit, until Amanda cut the tension by telling Kaitlin, "He looks better in black and white." Translation: he looks better gone. Spencer's a little worried because three guys in a row have gone home, and Kaitlin says she's trying not to let anyone see her cry.

Flashback to Judd's inexplicable victory in the HoH competition. He and Jessie are both pretty happy about it, but GinaMarie figures that she and Aaryn and Kaitlin might to have to try to flirt their way to safety. However, Jessie's the one to start that, even though she says it's the first week she feels safe, by teasing Judd about his crown and swapping it for a kiss. Elsewhere, Aaryn expresses sympathy to Kaitlin about losing Jeremy, but says she's glad to still have her friend here. Kaitlin DRs that the house "owes" her safety after her traumatic week, as though this game ever has, does, or will work that way. She does admit to Aaryn that she has a better chance without Jeremy anyway, which is probably true. And if one takes that thought to its logical conclusion, one gets "Get lost, Aaryn."

Andy joins McCrae and Amanda, who are sitting and fretting about the MVP twist Julie mentioned on Friday (that being that America's the MVP and gets to nominate someone, like it's 2000) and speculating on Judd's potential nominees. McCrae guesses he'll go after Kaitlin and GinaMarie, but Amanda still has it in for Howard for reasons of her own. When Judd and Jessie enter, Amanda suggests he nominate either Candice/Howard or Aaryn/Kaitlin. Maybe mix up your demographics a little there, Amanda. Amanda DRs that she needs to keep Judd "in check," but Judd DRs that he doesn't appreciate it. "She may run McCrae, but she does not run J-U-Double-D." If she did, she'd probably make him stop calling himself that.

Howard and Candice themselves are already a step ahead on this, knowing that Judd is going to have to take some watching to make sure he doesn't get talked into anything. They both get along with Judd fairly well, so they're not that worried about the twist at this point.

The traditional HoH housewarming party is back, after last week's time-consuming, disclaimer-prompting, race-baiting drama. Everyone actually seems pretty happy for him and he reads the supportive letter from home. It's as boring as Judd is.

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