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Previously on Eenie Meenie Miney Go: Carol got booted by a vote of Practically Everybody to Practically Nobody, and just about everyone voting wishes they had the option of voting out Jen instead. Among other things, Jen had actually cried over the picture of her on the wall, and when you've thrown maybe the stupidest hissyfit in the history of this particular show, it's time to step onto an ice floe, because come on. Rather poetically, and arguably as a direct result of being totally unable to answer a question the way it would normally be answered and thus inadvertently giving a trick answer to a trick question, Jen became HoH. Imagine how we'd all feel right now if the presidency went to a nationwide lottery and Dick Cheney took it home. It was like that, kind of. Meanwhile, Eric was still America's Player, and not in the P. Diddy kind of way, either.

I sort of wish the credits were just an endless scroll of that picture of Jen that she hates. Maybe with the "peanut butter jelly time" song.

Jessica talks about how sad it was to see Carol go, at which point Miss Alli's Sister wonders aloud, "Is that her real voice?" The news that it is her real voice is greeted with sadness. The rest of the houseguests all discuss how they're sad about Carol leaving. Or "sad," I guess, in that they don't really care, but they didn't bear her much ill will, except for Jessica, who thinks she's scored a victory of some kind. Amber thinks that God put her on the chopping block. (God: "Oh my Me, like I care.") Evil Dick trusts Amber, so he's glad she wasn't booted. He does his best to keep his adoration of Amber from appearing skeevy. He is not entirely successful. We do learn that Jen was the one vote that Carol managed to get, which is nicely in tune with the running theme that Jen is entirely out of sync with the rest of the house that you half-expect to see her wearing her shoes on her hands and a scrunchie around her ankles. When Jen confesses her vote to Amber, Amber tries to be generous, which she kind of can afford to do, since she got the other ten votes in her favor.

Joe is wearing just a tie -- I'm saying just a tie and no shirt -- as he agrees in the DR with everyone else about the fact that having Jen be HoH was not a good development for anyone. Someone needs to tell Joe that you have to have a certain sort of chest to intentionally draw attention to it with a shirtless tie, and Joe does not have that certain sort of chest. Joe needs to be working toward "attractively wiry," and he needs to stop thinking he looks like a male model. Anyway, Kail was apparently really happy about Jen's HoH-ness, probably because she thinks she's the only person who has any kind of positive connection to Jen, which just may be true. Joe and his naked tie diss Jen's victory by saying, "I am sick of people being rewarded for stupidity in this country." On the one hand, I feel him, but on the other hand, it's kind of like going on Wheel Of Fortune and complaining about the fact that everyone cares so much about vowels. Don't choose a country for your vacation and then complain about the currency. Evil Dick is wearing a Cathouse shirt as he assures us that he thinks he's going to do okay with Jen. I wonder if that's Cathouse the show (which I have of course never seen), or just a general salute to the brothel industry. Daniele thinks she'll be nominated for the sin of being Nick's favorite girl. Haters are jus' jellus! Woooo! Katharine McPhee 4-EVA! Daniele claims that she doesn't like "catty girl games," but she knows that Jen does. Amber, for her part, is still worried about taking a second consecutive trip to the block. Evil Dick does a kind of an Evil Doctor Will thing as he insists that it would be stupid for Jen not to nominate him, on account of he's so awesome. You are no Will, Dick.

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