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Julie's all fancy with the monitors tonight, walking past screens that show each nominee as she mentions them in turn: Howard as Amanda's target, Amanda as a new target, and Candice "in the mix." Nice writing there.

So now it's August, and there are still twelve freaking people in this house. The week in review: Aaryn won HoH and nominated Howard and Spencer per Helen's instructions. Then America the MVP made Amanda the third nominee, Spencer won the Veto, and Candice's attempts to save Howie ended up getting her nominated in Spencer's place. So now you're up to speed.

Julie is resplendent in a yellow teepee as she makes a non-specific intro to the "action" in the house as it currently stands on Day 39. In the Diary Room, Spencer is glad to be safe, but he needs to save Howard and get rid of Amanda for the sake of his own game. Candice remarks on Aaryn's redneck-style nomination of her, and while Amanda isn't thrilled to be on the block, she's pretty confident that Howard will be going home this week. Howard is also hoping someone can have the guts to change the game. It's not that they're afraid to, Howard, it's that they don't especially want to. Later, Candice is venting to Howard about Aaryn's nomination, and they end up arguing about what he calls her negativity and what she calls her realism. I'm with Candice on this one.

Spencer DRs that he needs five votes to save Howard, but with McCrae, Elissa, and Helen already in the tank, he's got some work to do. He gets GinaMarie to agree to vote to keep Howard, then he and Howard move on to approach Judd and Andy to try to talk them into making a move against Amanda while there's still time. They seem open. Spencer then updates Candice, promising her that he's doing his best to get Amanda out this week.

Later, Andy quietly tells Amanda about the deal he and Judd made with Howard and Spencer to vote her out, but of course the fact that he's telling her about it is a sign that it's not going to happen. Amanda gets upset over having trusted Judd, but Andy assures her it's all under control.

Out in the back yard in the morning, Spencer makes some small talk with Amanda about coffee until she abruptly says, "I know what you think that you're doing, but it's not gonna work and you're just making yourself more of a target." Spencer denies any knowledge of any plan, and tries to tell Amanda that his target is Candice. She gives him a series of warnings and offers to help him, and he says, "I don't really give a shit, Amanda." Way to play it cool, buddy. He starts quietly ranting about how he knows she was behind his nomination, and when she denies that, he snaps, "Shut up, Amanda," and launches into a round of obnoxious mansplaining. So that went well.

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