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The Fickle Finger of the Athletes

As you remember (and if you don't, five minutes of previouslies will remind you), Lydia from the Offbeat clique and "Brain" Chima are this week's nominees. Laura Diary-Rooms that she dodged a bullet, but still feels like nobody's watching her back. Perhaps her "Popular" status should also be in scare-quotes. Also: she didn't pack a thong? Among those who felt blindsided by the nominations are Jeff, Jessie's fellow Athlete. Russell gloats obnoxiously. Braden and Jordan from the Popular group try to cheer up Lydia, who's crying because this "back to high school" theme is working really well on her. She keeps accreting people who want to cheer her up, like Jeff and fellow Offbeat Kevin, which is not lost on Chima. She tells her fellow "Brains" (really, I'm just going to have to keep putting that clique name in quotes from here on out after last episode's performance) that she's going to have to win the Power of Veto to protect herself.

Ronnie and Chima duck into the storage room to discuss how they think Jeff might vote, and Ronnie tells Chima a super top-secret secret: "I'm a national champion for persuasive speaking." "Better work here, baby," is all Chima says. Probably wise of her not to pin her hopes for staying in the house on Ronnie's claim. Maybe she's smarter than I thought.

Laura is so distraught by nearly being nominated that she asks Casey (from Offbeat) and Russell, "Is it because I have big boobs?" They give her all the sympathy she deserves.

Russell and Jessie meet inside the Head of Household room, having belatedly realized that Jeff's off the reservation. I'm not sure how this is anyone's fault but their own. They decide now's the time to bring Laura on board, and in the HoH room and the DR, Laura promises that she's a good competitor. Russell is convinced, I think primarily because being convinced gives him a chance to boast arrogantly about his "powerhouse" alliance in the DR. Keep telling yourself that, Mr. Clean.

Montage of Braden being goofy and weird. Which Russell hates. So far, the Love Muscle's game appears to consist largely of bragging about his allies and feeling threatened by everyone else.

Time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. HoH Jessie, and nominees Lydia and Chima, not only get to participate, but also randomly draw one other player each. Lydia isn't happy that Jessie draws Russell's name, because he was in the clique that put her up in the first place. Chima draws Houseguest's Choice and picks Natalie, which is kind piling on. Michele doesn't get why she would pick someone out of her clique. Thanks, Michele, I hope you enjoyed your one line tonight. When Lydia draws Jeff, that's the entire Athletes clique in the PoV competition. Jessie names Casey as the host. Picking the DJ? Way to think outside the box, there.

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