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Fears of a Clown

Thanks to Angel for covering for me on Wednesday, and for leaving me one less idiot to watch in this house. Smell ya later, David.

We rejoin the HoH competition already in progress, with randomly chosen partners trying to transfer large amounts of barbecue sauce using small scoops, sliding along the well-worn slippery lanes that have been used for this variety of competition since time immemorial. This version has the added wrinkle of a hedge separating the two ends of each lane, as well as each partner. We get some reactions to David's eviction from the Diary Room: Aaryn is out for blood, saying David's eviction made it personal and now she can't trust anyone (aside from her partner Jeremy, apparently). Elissa thanks America for making her MVP, allowing her to nominate a bigger target than herself. Spencer is also pleased with how things are going, since he assumes that the Moving Company will be able to run Elissa's MVP votes for the duration. Solid plan, as long as America plays along.

During the flashback to David's exit on Day 13, Aaryn whispered to him that she didn't vote to evict him. GinaMarie expresses shock in the DR about how the plan to evict Elissa clearly "fell to pizzas," but Nick goes into a room with her and lays it on thick about how this was his greatest fear and now it's the two of them against everyone else. Nick explains to us that the Moving Company members each have their own faux-lliance, and GinaMarie is his. Not sure which of the two of them is luckier.

Back at the HoH competition, Aaryn and Jeremy are taking an early lead, with Elissa and Andy (who both fear an Aaryn/Jerermy win for their own reasons) close behind. Jessie and Howard, meanwhile, are working on filling the smaller jug first, because accomplishing that wins you a bigger scoop to fill the large jug faster. At least in theory. Judd is taking the same tack, as is Helen, calling Spencer not her "first, second, third, or fifteenth choice of partner for this," which is pretty harsh in a house containing fifteen people. As the competition wears on and people get more and more tired, falls seem to become more frequent. Amanda decides to abandon her bipedal nature on the theory that if she doesn't fall, she doesn't "pop an implant." At 39 minutes in, both Judd/Nick and Howard/Jessie are getting close to scoring the larger scoops. The former team gets to it first, and start using their bigger scoop. Howard and Jessie reach the same milestone shortly thereafter, lucky that they don't have to give up on their smaller jug just because another team reached it first. Now it's just a question of whether the strategy will pay off. It certainly won't for at least one of them.

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