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So we rejoin the Christmas tree-decorating HoH competition already in progress, and it's not any more interesting than what we saw on Thursday. Everyone Diary Rooms about how this is the most important HoH of the season, especially Britney, who says she's on her own now that Ragan's just been evicted. "The Brigade is in here three deep against Britney," Enzo DRs, "so we'll see what happens." Which is the least cocky I've ever heard him.

Back to the competition. Lane is acting as announcer, because Julie goes home every Thursday right after the closing credits I guess. Hayden has two ornaments in place, with Enzo and Britney not even on the board yet, and Britney keeps getting frustrated and dropping them. Hayden DRs that his "soft hands" training from baseball is serving him well (just like with the ladies, I'm sure), while Enzo is actually getting thrown by the fake snow falling on him. As if it's not enough of a handicap in these competitions to just be Enzo. Britney (who admits in the DR, "I've been called a ball-buster before," which means Britney and I have made the same joke, a fact which deeply shames me) keeps dropping ornaments at such a high rate that Enzo thinks he's in Newark, hearing all the breaking glass. Hayden is extending his lead, but Britney passes Enzo and when Hayden abruptly turns into a butterfingers (at least according to the editing), it almost turns into a race between him and Britney. But he wins easily, making him the new HoH and a lock for the final three. Enzo's not thrilled to have lost yet another HoH competition, but at least his Brigade represented. And Britney's getting a little teary about feeling all alone in the house. Well, you could have helped Ragan out a little, maybe. I don't know that she didn't intervene on Ragan's behalf with Lane, but I think we would have seen it if she had.

Enzo, Hayden, and Lane congratulate themselves on the success of the Brigade, especially Enzo, for being the one who started it. Yes, I have to admit, even though I've been mocking them all season, they have had a remarkable record of seeing their collective toast land butter-side up. Enzo even gets up and mimes turning Britney's photo on the memory wall monochrome. Hayden knows he'll be nominating Britney, but doesn't know which Brigade member to put up against her because he doesn't want to show more loyalty to one or the other. I know what Enzo's position will be.

>Britney, meanwhile, is crying about having to be the "weird outsider" who "naps all day on their own." Which doesn't seem to stop her from napping on her own and acting like a weird outsider.

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