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Throwing Rice

Okay, I'm not even paying attention the perfectly nice purple dress Julie's wearing in the studio, because in the monitor behind her, Andy has just stood up from his nominee chair next to Aaryn to adjust his shorts. Which he will be mortified about once he realizes it aired. Of course he could avoid all of these problems if he started dressing like an adult.

After the previouslies and credits, Julie welcomes us back to the studio on Day 70 of the game. With eight people still in the house, I'd like to add. We're reminded that Elissa made Andy her replacement nominee after Amanda won the Power of Veto and used it on McCrae, so Amanda will be down an ally tonight no matter what happens. And possibly even more than that, given the way she's been acting this week.

Elissa Diary Rooms that she knows Andy is on Amanda's side, so nominating him is the next best thing to getting rid of Amanda. Aaryn DRs that this means the end of the 3AM alliance, and she's not feeling good about her chances. Andy's freaking out, and he DRs that he needs Amanda and McCrae's votes this week. Yes, since GinaMarie is likely to vote to keep Aaryn, they're pretty much the swing vote. Andy adds that he's got a new plan after this week that won't involve Amanda and McCrae. Which makes sense, because they're a lot less likely to go to the jury house tonight than he is.

After the Veto ceremony, Amanda gets right back to trying to get on Elissa's nerves, staring into her face while Elissa slices an apple and asking why she doesn't look like any of her pictures. I also seem to remember Elissa being a lot better looking in BB13's finale audience two years ago than she is now, but hey, why is Amanda still being mean to her after the save-Andy plan already didn't work? I'm starting to think that part of the plan was an end unto itself.

Later, Amanda asks Andy and Spencer and McCrae why they're being so nice to Elissa and letting Amanda do all the shitting on her, as though this is such backbreaking work for her. She won't even let Andy leave the room, insisting he stand there and listen to her bitch. Andy DRs that he's had about enough of this, even as Amanda decrees that anyone seen talking to Elissa will be her next target.

That night, GinaMarie, Spencer, Judd, and Andy hang out in the back yard and complain about Amanda and, by extension, McCrae. So the four of them decide to form an alliance right there on the spot. Judd dubs them the Exterminators, for getting rid of rats and snakes. Except rats and snakes are sneaky. Amanda's more like a T. Rex stomping around and crying when she doesn't get her way. Andy hopes this new alliance will not only save him but get rid of Amanda and McCrae toot-suite.

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