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A Fistful of Weenies

In the wake of Laura's eviction last Thursday, there are still 11 people in the house, but only one member of the "Popular" clique. Popularity can be a lonely business, right, Jordan? Ronnie Diary-Rooms that he's happy that he got rid of Laura, but has realized that it was at the cost of having the whole house turn against him. Russell, meanwhile, is still serving as this season's case study of the dangers of being locked in a house for weeks with nothing to do but experiment with different configurations of facial hair. He's talking in the Diary Room, but I can't even pay attention to what's coming out from under that Inglourious Basterds mustache he's rocking right now. Casey's even worse; he's a forty-year-old man slowly morphing into Mike Boogie, which is even more disturbing than the reverse.

You may also recall that Jessie is HoH for the second time this season. That's not the same as Jessie winning HoH for the second time this season, but he's so pleased with himself that he doesn't seem fully aware of the distinction. In the aftermath of Jessie's win, Ronnie whispers to himself, "Thank God." Because unlike Jeff and Casey, he realizes that Jessie's the one person who might cut him some slack when it comes time for nominations. Kevin busts him for it in the DR. Michele DRs that she has laid low thus far. Who is she again?

Afterward, inside the house, Casey and Kevin commiserate over the coming week, and another term with Natalie as "co-HoH." "It is what it is," Kevin sighs, which is one of my least favorite ways of hearing people say, "We're fucked."

While Casey is expressing his hope that Jessie will stick to the plan, Russell and Natalie are quietly asking him the same thing, directly. "I gotta do what's good for me," is all Jessie will say, which is not reassuring, nor is it intended to be. "I feel no obligation to put up Ronnie," Jessie shrugs in the DR. "He didn't lie to me." It's only Day 19, though. Russell, wisely back to his Mr. Clean look, claims that although he did want Ronnie out, he has since made a "secret deal" with Ronnie. Flash back to 29 hours ago, when Russell sneaks into the HoH room and says his relentless mocking is just an act, and he's going to "try to win it for us." Ronnie seems unconvinced as he wishes Russell luck.

Later, in the red room, Natalie and Russell have a whispered conversation about taking Casey out ASAP.

Russell's still hiding out, reading the Bible. Some viewers may be surprised to see that it does not appear to be burning him. Natalie sticks her head in and invites him to come sit with everyone out back. "You know you're good this week," she assures him, which is good enough for Ronnie.

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