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Hell Freezes Over

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Hell Freezes Over

You know, I've been trying to figure out where I've seen Adam before this show, and I think I've got it. Imagine him a few years younger, a few pounds lighter, and with more hair, and then click here and tell me I'm crazy. ["You're not crazy, but making me think about Adam's balls does make you an asshole." -- Joe R]

So we're down to five. We left Ryan, Natalie, Sheila, and Sharon hanging (literally) for HoH while outgoing HoH Adam sat it out and called encouragement up to Ryan. Ryan DRs that he isn't really worried about what will happen to him if someone else wins -- as long at it's not Natalie, since he doesn't trust her. Sheila feels the same way, plus she feels she's overdue for some manner of win in this game. Well, yes, and I'm overdue for an Oscar, but that doesn't mean I'm getting one. There's a little flashback to James's eviction, as we get people's reactions; Sheila says voting him out was the hardest thing she's done so far, since James reminded her of her son. Sharon talks about being the last person in her alliance, which apparently Team Christ has been calling "The Evildoers." Dude, if you're calling Sharon an "Evildoer," you don't know the meaning of the word. Not necessarily the "evil" part, but definitely the "do" part. "Mission accomplished," Ryan says of James' eviction, 28 days after he began what turned out to be a long-term project and a full-time job. And Natalie bores us all with a lot of nine-related numerology that demonstrates how James's nine lives were up. And, most importantly, "Matty is going to be so happy." Yes, he's going to have a marvelous time in the jury house with James, Joshuah, and Chelsia. And as long as we're on the subject of nines, I think I can come up with nine people who can't stand Natalie.

As we saw on Wednesday, Sharon didn't look to have much staying power in this, and indeed, she dropped only eight minutes in. During the Criminal Minds credits, to be precise. Apparently she's got some back issues. Teach her to get in a horrific car accident. Sharon says she can't afford to hurt her back even more, and as Adam carries her to a stool, she whispers to him that she's just going to win PoV. "You have to," Adam whispers back.

About 20 minutes in, Sheila starts working on her remaining rivals, Ryan and Natalie, saying she's going to hang out "all fricking night." She insists that she's motivated more by the promise of pictures of her son than by anything else. And with almost an hour down, Natalie says she doesn't feel safe, which Sheila takes mild exception to. A half hour later, the sun's getting low and Natalie's starting to get on Sheila's nerves with some "smack talking," as Sheila calls it. It doesn't make Sheila any more likely to drop, she says.

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