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Pawn-zi Schemes

You may recall that Helen nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin, which was a total no-brainer move. Now, however, Helen says in the Diary Room that while Aaryn is her target, she is also the most hated person in the house and thus might be worth keeping around in favor of a bigger target. Helen, no! That's how people like Rachel end up winning! Kaitlin DRs about all the awkward "sympathy hugs that no one wants to give you," but she's determined to win the Veto. Aaryn says she expected her nomination because she's a "straight shooter" and a "strong personality," which are words that mean you can't say "asshole" on CBS.

Kaitlin talks to Jeremy, who has come down from Sunday's euphoria over not being nominated himself, because now he's decided that Elissa is going to win MVP and nominate him again. Kaitlin cheers him up by saying everyone wants Aaryn gone, and if he just wins the Veto, he can save both himself and Kaitlin and they're all good. Until next week, when they're yet another vote down.

Helen starts calling meetings with her peeps to figure out how they're going to try to steer the MVP nomination this week. She starts with McCrae and Amanda, telling them how Howard confessed to voting to keep Nick. So now she's thinking they'll take another run at backdooring Jeremy this week. Helen considers Spencer as the MVP pawn, but Amanda points out Spencer wouldn't beat Jeremy in the PoV, because she's gunning for Howard. She seems to think he's the second biggest threat in the house. I think these people are confusing size with ability, because so far Howard has lost at everything. Mostly on purpose, but still. Helen confirms with McCrae whether Howard was in the Moving Company, which of course he was, and now Helen knows for sure Howard lied about it. So that seals the deal for Howard to take on the pawn role and McCrae volunteers to pass the word to Elissa. And Helen decides to shake down Spencer to find out what he'll confess to.

That answer turns out to be "everything," making Howard the last member of the Moving Company still in the house who hasn't come clean. Helen says she was wondering when Spencer would start telling the truth, and considered nominating him. She adds that Howard denied it, and starts crying again, saying she looks like an idiot for having trusted Howard and Spencer more than anyone else in the house. "No you don't," Spencer lies. Helen DRs that the crying is strategic, just like at home to get her kids to do what she wants. Wow, better hope they're not watching. She agrees to give him a second chance and Spencer DRs that now Howard needs to confess as well. He also says that to Howard, informing him that Helen knows everything, including that Howard lied to her. "I don't know if I'm going to be able to fix this one," Howard DRs. Hey, you broke it, you bought it.

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