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The Character Assassination of Jessie by the Coward Helen

Julie's in a khaki Star Trek TOS dress as she tells us that last week's double eviction proved that anything can happen. Yes, all is meaningless chaos, strategy is futile and any plans are pure vanity. We know.

After the previouslies and credits, we're back in the studio as Julie reminds us that Amanda and Helen are running the house, Spencer and Jessie are nominated, but others had better watch their backs. That's so vague it's practically a Mad Lib. So then we flash back to last night's Veto ceremony, which HoH and PoV holder Andy failed to take advantage of. Andy Diary Rooms that everyone is in on his plan to boot Jessie save Jessie, and it needs to stay that way. So far it is, going by what Jessie says in the DR. Out back, she checks with McCrae and Amanda to make sure she's still the pawn, and McCrae assure her that she is while Amanda snoozes in his lap. Not that they'd tell her if she weren't, because she isn't and they're not. Still, Jessie thinks it might be possible that Andy is lying to her and not Spencer. Go back to sleep, Amanda -- you look worried.

Jessie has sensed a certain distance towards her from Helen and Elissa, and asks Andy about it. Andy says it's probably all part of the act to keep Spencer from panicking, and agrees to check in with Helen. Which he does, pulling Helen and Elissa into the storage room to tell them to have better poker faces. They agree to work on it, despite how wearying Jessie is. Like she hasn't been wearying all summer.

Later, Helen, Aaryn and Elissa sit around in the HoH room speculating on what Judd was up to. Jessie's also there, but she's not taking part in the discussion because it's all over her head, but when they talk about how Judd never campaigned against Amanda (because in the parallel universe they inhabit, Judd was both MVP and a brilliant mastermind who was after Amanda), Helen points out that maybe Judd recruited Jessie to do it for him. Man, they are giving them both waaay too much credit. Judd was like the Chauncey Gardner of the Big Brother house, while Jessie's the -- I don't know -- Matt Damon in The Informant. But he's gone and Jessie's not, so she invites Helen downstairs to play pool and asks her what that accusation was all about. Helen claims to just still be mad about Jessie's maneuvering against Amanda a couple of weeks ago. This quickly escalates, but Helen shuts her down quickly, because Jessie's gone anyway and she doesn't feel the need to deal with her, which I'm sure Andy will appreciate. IT also pisses Jessie off to the point where she says, "It's time to blow up her game." Yeah, the fuse has already been lit, Jessie, but not by you.

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