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Britney vs. Brendon vs. Brigade

Flashback to Matt hijacking the eviction ceremony on Thursday with his Diamond Power of Veto, and Brendon Diary Rooms about the nerve of Matt, calling him a big dummy. "You know that I'm way more intelligent than that -- way more intelligent than you," he corrects himself. Yes, we just saw that. And Hayden DRs that since they'd just told Matt he was going home, "We're screwed!"

Flashback to two hours before the eviction, with Hayden and Enzo guiltily telling Matt that they're not voting Lane out. Matt DRs that he found out he wasn't as important to the Brigade as he thought, and he jokes to the two of them that he's outing the Brigade. Seriously, though, he takes it pretty well, as anyone would with the secret veto power that he has.

After Matt's announcement, Brendon is pissed, and after seeing his best friend save himself in the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute, Ragan excitedly DRs that he's a "bipolar hot tranny mess."

After a replay of the announcement of Kathy's eviction, we get to see a farewell message to her after all. It's from Lane, who didn't even know she was there half the time, "But thank you for doing my laundry." Aw...?

Flashback to Britney winning HoH, which makes both her and Lane happy. Enzo's worried about himself, given how close Britney is to other people in the house. In fact, even Brendon is confident that Britney's going to stick to the deal they made. Because Brendon is a moron.

Afterward, Enzo angrily beats himself up for blowing the HoH competition (which doesn't usually bother him), and wonders to Lane who Britney is going to put up next to Brendon. Specifically, he worries that it'll be Enzo himself. After the competition, Britney quietly asks an equally jubilant Ragan, "Can we compose ourselves to even be civil [to Brendon]?" Funny, that's not a question Rachel ever asked. Lane kids Matt, wondering if he felt bad, and he and Hayden both pretend to have been so happy that he's still there. Matt doesn't buy it. He wouldn't buy it even if he had a coupon.

Britney's HoH room, and Matt stares creepily at a teenage photo of Britney in a formal gown and tiara. The photo stares creepily back at him. Lane is offended at the sight of Britney's fiancé Nick, who does not appear to live up to the hype, at least in the one photo of him.

Enzo goes to suck up to Matt, who assures him that he'd keep Enzo over Ragan, but in the DR, Matt tells us that isn't necessarily the case. Yes, we get it.

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