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So the title sequence for tonight's clip show has restored the names of all of the evicted houseguests, which is not something I want to be seeing this close to the finish line.

After a replay of Dan's eviction of Jerry, Memphis says in the DR that he's glad he isn't the one who had to do it. By the same token, Dan feels bad about having to evict someone who was this close to the big prize, but says that Jerry probably would have won if he'd made it to the final two. And the Renegades congratulate themselves, both together in the living room and separately in the DR. So how are they going to kill the next five days?

Well, they start with a Big Brother-provided feast at the table for two, complete with champagne and beer. And they initiate the episode's utterly transparent framing device by talking about who the hardest player to get out was. They agree that it was Jerry, by any chronological measure at the very least. Memphis reminisces about Jerry accepting the invitation to grab April's boobs on Day 1, and the clip of that moment gets played, so it'll be nice and fresh in Mrs. Jerry's mind when he sees her again on Tuesday. They also talk about how hard Jerry worked to fit in with the young'uns, which triggers a Day-46 flashback of Jerry attempting to rap for Ollie, who jokingly suggests calling him "The Funkmaster Colonel." Jerry's rap is similar to his gameplay: it's annoying, it's incoherent, it's embarrassing, and it goes on long after it should have stopped.

Then Dan and Memphis remember Jerry calling Dan Judas and Memphis a womanizer, and we get to re-watch clips of both of those moments. Yeah, I've already weecapped them once. They also discuss the betrayal of Brian in the first week, when eight people pulled Jerry into the HoH room and leaned on Jerry to name Brian as a replacement nominee, and then he did so the next day. This all comes complete with clips. What is this, Jerry's greatest hits? At least we don't have to sit through another session of Jerry boasting about how he doesn't wear any of his Marine Corps gear when he's fucking someone.

Back at the table, Dan and Memphis talk about how Brian's departure threw them for a loop, and we get a replay of the sock-puppet show that Brian instigated. There's a bit of footage shown this time that we didn't see before, but trust me: all the good parts were included the first time around.

Dan and Memphis ask each other who they thought would be the first to go, and Dan says he thought early on that Jessie would be leaving soon. So then there's a replay of the whole locked door debacle from the first night when Renny acted like a crazy person and disrupted Jessie's beauty sleep, which he spent the entire rest of his run trying to compensate for.

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