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Head of Household Chima, you'll remember, nominated Russell to get rid of him, and also Lydia, ostensibly to keep her from voting to keep him, as though she's his biggest ally. In the Diary Room, Lydia says she knows Russell is the real target, but she's still worried. As she should be. As for Russell, he obviouses that his alliance with Natalie, Chima, and Jessie is over. You think?

Later, in the kitchen, Russell and Lydia commiserate over both being nominated. Except it sucks more for Russell, because he was the one nominated by his friends, plus he's the one more likely to go home.

But don't forget about the "wizard," which is what the houseguests are calling the secret power of Coup d'Etat, because they don't know what it is or who has it (except for Jeff, who both knows and has it). When Big Brother calls Jeff to the DR, Jessie tells Natalie and Chima that he thinks Jeff has the power. They tell him not to worry about it, but he is wisely not taking anything for granted. Not that there's a whole lot he can do about it. Well, there is one thing: he wants to play and win the Power of Veto to make sure he's safe from the wizard no matter what.

Russell comes into the Have-Not bedcube to offer a deal to Jeff to save him, and later they'll pull together against Jessie or Natalie. Or, as Jeff DRs, "a big dog." I don't think Russell knows about Jeff's power; I think he's just calling on the secret alliance they made a couple of weeks ago. Wait, no, it was just last week. It seems like weeks ago. This is a very long season.

Russell also decides to cover some more bases, and we see him trying to patch things up with Michele. They play pool together, and Russell disavows Ronnie's exit lines. He tries to "clear the air" regarding the whole misunderstanding with Chima and Michele's claim that she wanted him out, but just ends up arguing with her, because he'd rather win an argument than win $500,000. I've known too many people like that. He quotes the five key words she said: "Chima is trying to backdoor you." I know, but it's only five if you count "is trying" as one. Finally she gets tired of it and storms off. Way to smooth things over there, dude. As my friend Bitter says, he mended fences all right -- with a hand grenade.

Michele goes up to report this to Chima and Natalie, and suddenly it's all "girl power" between the three of them. Natalie even draws parallels between Russell's treatment of Michele and Jessie's treatment of Natalie. Yeah, I don't think Jessie's the top in your particular dysfunctional partnership, Natalie. Why don't you go yell at him about Lydia some more?

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