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After a quick reminder of Kara's eviction on Thursday night, Frank tells us in the Diary Room that even he doesn't understand why he's still there -- and that in the event of a tiebreaker, HoH Willie would certainly have booted him. By Thursday, yes, that was true. As Willie himself admits in the DR, Frank's continued presence in the house is bad for him, but Janelle says it's good for her own players if Willie and Frank go at each other for a while longer. Ashley's just glad her competition for the "under the radar" spot that she covets is gone, which is why she voted to boot Kara. Post-eviction, Dan hugs Danielle, his one remaining player, and promises not to let her down as well. Meanwhile, Frank and Mike Boogie quietly celebrate, because Mike figures that the house's decision to keep Frank was more of an attack on Willie than anything else. In the DR, Frank mock-recaps his week for Mike (including Frank's HoH win for the week), and the two of them launch into an over-the-top happy-dance. Willie seems subdued in the DR, but as optimistic as he can possibly bring himself to be. Which isn't very. Even Shane DRs about possibly breaking his alliance with Willie.

In one of the bedrooms, Janelle quietly tells Britney that Willie needs to go. Britney admits that she's so embarrassed by his behavior she doesn't even want to talk to him. And Dan quietly advises Janelle to make friends with Janelle's team, figuring they'll need her vote this week. For whatever.

In the store room, JoJo explains to Frank that she had to be loyal to her alliance and apologizes for Willie's behavior. He tells her not to worry about it. He has much bigger fish to fry, of course.

Like his HoH room, which Willie visits only reluctantly. There's also the coaches' annex off the main HoH room, which includes a photo of Mike's nine-month-old son, who he's so very happy to see, and looks forward to seeing again. "But not too soon," Mike DRs. I'm sure the child will agree. Willie, for his part, figures out how quickly he can leave without being totally rude, and then leaves an undetermined amount of time before then.

Willie comes and finds Britney, who's pissed at him for not only fucking up this past week, but making her look bad for defending him. "Nobody wants to be attached to a sinking ship," Britney DRs. Willie is unrepentant, even as he admits that he's the problem and he's playing an individual game. "Our team is screwed," she sighs to him. Sorry, Blondie, but you picked him.

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