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Don't Come Back, Shane!

Whoa, check out the Loretta Lynn hair on Julie! Whoever gets evicted tonight is going to be terrified.

But that won't be Danielle, who won HoH last night. It's down to just her, Shane, Dan and Ian, so Ian probably figures he's already won just by getting his alliance to the final four eighty percent intact. Back in the studio, Julie fails to snicker as she tells us it's Day 69, and Danielle is about to make her nominations, which will be followed by the PoV competition and another eviction. But first, Julie says that Danielle will have to choose between "her best friend and her boyfriend." Wow, when Julie puts it that way, it really sucks to be Danielle. Not because of that choice, but for because of who passes as her best friend and her boyfriend.

We replay Jenn's eviction from last night. Danielle DRs that she was sad to see her go but glad to stay. Shane still thinks the Quack Pack is a going concern. They share a celebratory quack (which Dan sits out, significantly), and Ian DRs that he sees the new dynamic as him and Dan versus Shane and Danielle. You should be so lucky, Ian. It's Dan versus the rest of you, and y'all are hopelessly outnumbered.

We flash back to Danielle's HoH win last night, which puts her in the final three and "besides" herself. Ian's a little worried, and Shane figures Ian's definitely going home. Dan DRs that he actually wanted to win this one, but on the other hand, he has a secret final-two deal with each of the other remaining players, so it's no big. Nice to be Dan.

"The student has beaten the teacher," Dan intones to Danielle later, and advises her to nominate himself and Ian. Big of him to step up during the week when nominations count the least. And of course, as Dan tells us in the DR, he wants Shane to feel safe so he can control both of them through Danielle. Dan even writes her nomination speech for her and everything.

The nominations apparently happen that very night. Danielle calls the guys in from a bedroom rather than from the backyard (which is presumably being dismantled post-HoH competition) and convenes the nomination ceremony. Only one key in the box now, and to a nation's total lack of surprise, it belongs to Shane. Danielle apologizes to Ian and Dan, saying she didn't have a lot of options while reminding them that they both backdoored her. Ian DRs that he expected it, but they all know the PoV is what counts. Which Dan isn't even worried about winning. "I've pulled a lot of rabbits out of my hat this summer and I'm not done yet." That at least explains why he always has that bandanna on his head.

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