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I didn't do this when I should have, so I just want to take a moment to give belated props to the editors for being able to explicate all the various threads from that hairball of an argument that was aired Tuesday, and doing it in a limited amount of airtime. Well done. Now if only they could use those powers for good.

Julie's showing a little extra leg by wearing a gold heat shield as a skirt as she welcomes us to the live eviction show. We pick up where we left off on Tuesday, with Jerry declining to use the Power of Veto to save either Jessie or Memphis from the block. "There is no alliance now," Memphis DRs. "Time to start from square one." Good time for it.

In the women's bedroom, Keesha and Libra talk about how much they want Jessie gone, and they agree that they need to talk April into changing her mind. When April comes in, they make their case that if she doesn't get rid of Jessie, then both of them will be gone next. April is large with not caring. I'm torn about April, because on the one hand I respect her for being able to admit that she's acting on her own selfish motives. But on the other hand, she could maybe stand to admit it a little less.

Outside, Keesha and Memphis discuss the situation and who they need to target to switch their votes to Memphis. Keesha's first thought is Dan, because she's unaware that he's taking his orders from America this week and his vote isn't up to him, let alone her. Keesha returns to Libra, saying she's not going to just roll over and do what she's told (yes, we've noticed that about you) and they talk about how they're going to swing the needed four of seven votes to Memphis's side. So far there's the two of them, and Renny will vote with them. Michelle's in love with Jessie, Ollie's in April's pocket (if not even deeper), and Jerry hates Memphis, so that leaves only Dan. They agree to give it a shot, aware that things could get ugly.

So Keesha summons Memphis and Dan into the women's bedroom, and they get Dan's double-secret pinky-swear that he's voting to keep Memphis. After the men leave, Libra and Keesha have a silent little celebration, already looking forward to April's reaction. Side note: I thought I was annoyed when I saw that the front of Keesha's t-shirt reads "Keesh-iest," but the "Keesh-dog" on the back is even worse. Keesh-us Christ, lady.

Sensing the change in the wind, April is leaving nothing to chance. She takes Jerry aside to make sure he's on board, and Jerry convinces her that they can count on Dan. And then later, Jerry goes to Dan to make sure he's on board with the alliance. Dan pretends to agree -- in the shortest, tersest, most transparent way possible -- so Jerry reports back to Jessie that he's safe. I'm loving all this intrigue over the one guy in the house whose vote isn't up to him. Dan is only too aware of this as he lies alone in the hammock later that evening, asking us to make the right decision to prevent him from getting screwed. "I gave you an eighteen-second hug," he reminds us. "You can hook me up." Me? I didn't get an eighteen-second hug. And with the season only a third over, I could use one.

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