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Julie looks just darling in a white cardigan over a black-and-white polka-dotted dress that makes her look like a giant toadstool. Oh, and it doesn't look like we're live this week, because who knows what's going to happen with the Coup d'Etat? Right now, the two nominees, Russell and Lydia, are sitting tensely in the nominee chairs, Russell blinking and Lydia pouting. I so want to play poker with them.

Flashback to Kevin not Vetoing Lydia in order to not make enemies and to make sure Russell goes home. Lydia does not see it that way, but Chima is happy to have her nominees still in place.

Lydia goes and hides under some blankets. Russell comes in and comforts her, then leaves her alone, telling us he's going to be lobbying to stay in the house. I think we'd all like to see what that would look like. So far, his main strategy has been to be nicer to Lydia than to anyone else, which is interesting because she's one of the few people who can't vote to keep him, and wouldn't if she could. Probably. Jessie also goes in to visit Lydia, and confesses that he's terrified of the "wizard power" hanging over all their head. He's lost before, you know. I'm surprised to hear him actually admit it.

Russell plays pool with Jeff, asking what he would do if he were the wizard. Jeff claims he doesn't even know what it is. Then there's a whole montage of speculation around the house, and Jeff enjoying his secret.

Natalie and Jessie, meanwhile, have narrowed it down to Jeff and Jordan, so their "strategy" is to go hang out in the backyard with them to get on their good side. This seems to involve Natalie playing badminton with Jeff (awful-minton, actually, because she can't seem to connect with the shuttlecock) [Isn't she supposed to be an athlete of some sort? Even I can play badminton. -- Angel], while Jessie marinates in the pool with Jordan. Neither Jeff nor Jordan is fooled, and it is awkward and uncomfortable. I suspect that every first meeting with a Big Brother or Big Sister is like this. Thanks for scaring people away from doing good, Jessie and Natalie.

Later, Russell repeats his case to Jessie that he can't stay there unless Russell's still in the house. But Jessie is still too pissed about Russell not picking him for the PoV competition this week. It's not happening, Russell. In the Diary Room, Russell spits nails about Jessie's failure to get over it. Unlike Russell, who's such a forgiving, easygoing guy.

Russell's next move is with Michele, claiming that she could be his third vote to stay (he's counting Jeff and Jordan as the first two). Michele listens in that same polite but completely disengaged way she used to listen to Ronnie. Still, Jessie overhears from the next room, and since he can't have Russell messing with other players while that wizard power is floating around in the house, he enters the room to remind them both that Russell was calling Michele crazy just a few days ago. Russell doesn't appreciate salting his game like this, obviously. So what's he going to do? Take this opportunity to prove that he can be a calm, reasonable fellow and turn the other cheek? Or get up in Jessie's face and swear at him for interfering? I think we all know the answer to that. The two muscleheads end up arguing and cursing at each other until Michele gets bored and walks out, leaving them to it. Good move, Michele. This was never about you anyway.

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