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Winner, Winner, Chicken Winner

Here's an interesting fact about Big Brother -- and pay attention, because those are rare: this is the seventh season I've covered, and it's only the second that ran more than 30 episodes, the other being BB9, the "winter edition," which existed as a stopgap for the writers' strike and still lasted a mere 33. Wait, did I say this was going to be an interesting fact? I guess those are even rarer than I thought.

From the studio, Julie calls this the "most controversial season of Big Brother ever" and an "epic, 90-day social experiment." That almost makes it sound almost interesting, too. After the super-sized previouslies and finale-style credits, we're back in the studio with Julie, who breaks the bad news that either GinaMarie, Spencer or Andy is about to be the winner. However, only two of the three will face the jury, after the third joins it. We rejoin the final three in the midst of the roller disco-themed first stage of the three-part HoH competition, whose very beginning we got to see on Sunday night. All three of them Diary Room about how much they need to win this as we watch them getting dragged in circles around the skating floor, between rows of miniature traffic cones, which must be bolted down, otherwise I don't see what's to keep them from kicking the things out of the way. Shortly after the overhead ropes start picking up speed, Spencer loses all control and flops hard onto the floor, quickly knocking him out of this round. That leaves GinaMarie and Spencer out on the floor, which in addition to everything else is soon covered with fake smoke and real soap suds. What's stopping them from just picking up their feet and hanging? Aside from the crippling weight of their skates and the fact that they're both little tiny people, I mean? Andy's flailing, and GinaMarie seems to know this is hers to lose. That is, until Andy recovers and GinaMarie starts struggling. But she outlasts him, which means she gets to automatically advance to part three of the HoH competition, while Andy and Spencer will have to compete against each other in part two to see which of them gets to try to beat GinaMarie. As for GinaMarie herself, she celebrates in the victory glitter bomb, at least until she chokes on some of it.

Post-ads, Julie introduces part two of the HoH competition, in which Andy and Spencer will have to compete in a fake undersea setting. For such an elaborate decoration job, the challenge itself is pretty simple: they just have to jump off a "boat" (actually a wall with a boat painted on it), dig through the sand for crab cutouts with pictures of evicted houseguests on them and then climb back up the wall to hang the crab's up in the correct order as quickly as they can. They'll need to do it one at a time because there's only one setup in place and then their times will be compared at the end to determine the winner. Andy goes first and is soon frustrated by the dud crabs he keeps finding, as well as the climbing harness and the, y'know, climbing. He has a little extra trouble finding the last crab with Candice's face on the back, but finally does so and closes the treasure chest that serves as this challenge's buzzer. Unfortunately for him, he's got some of the faces out of order. He scrambles back up to correct his mistake and swap Helen and Aaryn back into the right order, which is a time-consuming mistake he couldn't afford to make. Or could he?

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