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Julie's a vision in white-and-bile as she reminds us that either Keesha or Libra will be leaving tonight. But first...

For the second time in as many minutes, we get to see the moment in Tuesday's Power of Veto ceremony where Jerry called Dan "Judas" but declined to put him at risk by actually using the Veto. "Apparently Jerry did not get the manual for Big Brother," Libra says in the Diary Room. And Renny DRs in kind that Jerry's speech made him look worse than Dan. After the ceremony, Dan starts to make a response, but Libra wisely defuses the situation by saying it's just a game. She just did Dan a favor, I'm thinking.

Up in the Head of Household room, Memphis and Michelle discuss what a dumb, rude move that was on Jerry's part. And Libra goes so far as to apologize to Dan, who DRs that he's thrilled about how much sympathy he's garnering. And Libra seems confident that she, and not Keesha, will be the one going home.

And out in the backyard, April and Ollie discuss how much they hate Keesha and how much Keesha has it in for April. "It's because I'm prettier than her," April says. Even Ollie can barely keep a straight face at that. Still, they agree that they need to get Keesha out. Or April agrees, and Ollie just pretends to because wah-PSHHH!

But Dan and Memphis don't feel the same way about Keesha, and they consider forming an alliance with Keesha and Renny. Which is fine, until they decide to name their little group "The Renegades." Funny how my favorite alliances are the ones that decline to name themselves, even though doing so technically makes my life easier. Oh, and the other funny thing about this alliance? They don't plan to tell Keesha she's in it. We'll see how that works out.

April and Ollie, meanwhile, are trying to figure out how to get Keesha out instead of Libra. They figure that again, Dan is the swing vote. So next morning, Ollie approaches Libra to offer to "flip the house." All she needs to do is talk to Dan. Libra's more than willing to give it a shot, if only in the interest of self-preservation. She pulls Dan aside while he and April are doing the dishes (the latter wearing a sweatshirt and heels, because she's so much prettier than Keesha) and the two of them go into the storage room to talk it over. ["April couldn't have been more freaking obvious with her cover. "I'll wash the dishes. I just love getting my hands in that warm soapy water." Loudly enough for no one to hear." -- Angel] Dan DRs that he's torn between not sending a pissed-off Keesha to the jury and keeping Libra around to draw everyone else's fire.

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