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Julie's all in black with a miniature flat screen TV hanging from her neck as she says it's now all about the Power of Veto. Leave it to Adam to win the most useless HoH of the entire game. Only four players left: Porsche, Jordan, Adam and Rachel. I love it when there are so few names left in the credits.

Julie says it's Day 69 with an admirably straight face, which is tested even further when she says Adam is a lock for the final three. We'll soon see his final nominations, and then the final PoV competition will be played and the winner of that will get to pick who goes home. But first, Julie says, "Adam can no longer follow the power; he is the power." Even that's giving him too much credit.

Flashback to Rachel breaking the tie to evict Kalia last night. Porsche says she doesn't have an alliance, and Adam proved that he's "with Rachel and Jordan," who will both now take him to the final two, right? I can only assume that's what he's thinking. Jordan explains from the Diary Room her vote to keep Kalia: it was a "strategic move" to secure Kalia's jury vote, as if there's anything Jordan can do to change who Kalia would vote for in the final two at this point. And Rachel's kind of annoyed with Jordan for forcing Rachel to get blood on her hands, so I totally read that wrong last night.

Flashback to Adam winning last night's HoH for the first time. Porsche is hoping Adam won't nominate her, which is completely insane. And Jordan is regretting not winning, which is completely unsurprising.

"Who wants to see my HoH room?!" Adam metal-roars. The girls coo over his picture of his girlfriend and the one with Tori Spelling, as well as his bacon-themed HoH basket that includes such goodies as gummy bacon and bacon bandages. I have a bacon-loving metalhead friend who has most of that stuff. Because I bought it for him.

It's Nomination Day, and instead of watching the HoH pensively contemplate the memory wall, we get to watch him invite lucky, lucky Porsche to help him carry his shoes up to his new room. This makes Jordan and Rachel a bit nervous. Porsche asks him how he feels, and Adam says it's the best week to be HoH, by which I assume he means that his nominations are going to be as close to meaningless as it's possible for them to be. Adam and Porsche both say it would be nice to have two newbies in the final two chairs, and she reminds him that Jordan just won two years ago, so there's that.

In comes Rachel, who DRs unhappily about having to "kiss a floater's butt." Which she does, which makes Adam feel all awesome about the "three beautiful women" coming to him wanting stuff. I question his math. When Jordan comes up, she's the first person Adam says he might nominate. He won't commit to keeping Jordan or Rachel, and she's disgusted at the possibility that Porsche might undeservedly make it to the final two. Indeed, Jordan DRs about how Porsche gets her way by being charming and cute. You know, unlike Jordan. She guilt-trips Adam, who just stammers until she stomps out. Even as HoH, he can't intimidate sweet ol' Jordan.

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